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Company Introduction                                                                  


                                     Kean industrial park                                         Injection Molding Machine


          Kean Silicone Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in development and production of injection  

molding liquid silicone products with the most advanced injection molding, automatic production without human

intervention, using 100% of the USA food grade liquid material.


                       Mould Making(CNC)                                                Packing Department

          Over 7 years of experiences in silicone products industry and outstanding engineering workers we would 

provide our customers with professional designs and development. We are specialized in silicone baby 

accessories, silicone medical appliances, silicone kitchenware. 


                    High Temp.Vulcanization                                      Kean Team

          Kean Silicone uses high-precision, high efficiency, automatic liquid silicone rubber injection molding 

process, becoming infant well-known enterprises of silicone rubber products! We always follow: technological


 brand introduction                                     


“MyFriday” is a combination of  “My” and“Friday” , derive from a famous English novel The Adventures of  

Robinson Crusoe. It’s a story about the protagonist Robinson saved a native when he drifting in an island, 

and named the native “Friday”. Friday is full of loyalty, wisdom, bravery   and responsibility. He is  very 

faithful to Robinson.   He will never betray him whether Robinson was success or down-and-out . Finally,

he helped Robinson back to home safely . 

Kean Silicone Product Co., Ltd. integrates Friday’s spirit into its brand “MyFriday”, and carries forward the 

spirit of Friday. We focus on developing outdoor products, and created our own brand range. We believe 

“MyFriday”  will become your best companion in your travelling.

KEAN is a manufacturer & supplier who specializing in silicone outdoor products design, creation and 

production. We are the leading and only silicone outdoor products manufacturer and supplier in China.


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