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How A Girl Ride 2,000 KMs Back To Her Hometown?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2017-05-23 17:23:00

Recently a 26 year-old girl nickname  “yanzi” grabbed attention on China’s biggest microblog, sina weibo(also called China twitter). Working in Beijing, she will ride a total of 2,000 kilometres to her hometown in southwest China's Sichuan province. An avid cycler, she plans to ride about 150 KiloMetres everyday for 15 days. How did she make it?

Beginning last Sunday, she was warmly welcomed by other cycling enthusiasts along her route. As the country has been choking on smog this past year, she hopes more and more people will join her to get some exercise after a year of working hard, while also helping to protect the environment.

Cycling has been more and more popular for the young, because cycling is not only a way to exercise oneself, but also is a life style, a healthy life style, a positive life style. For many people, a day-long cycle ride is their idea of hell but Dr Perry says that training for an event in the work gym is the new going-to-the-pub. “It’s a great place to make connections with people in other departments. It takes away the formal hierarchies,” she says.

So what do we need when we are cycling? These things seem to be necessary: Bicycles, cargo racks, kettle racks, rear-view mirrors, car locks, bike riding, cycling gloves, cycling shoes, riding glasses and riding helmets, and last but not least, a silicone collapsible water bottle.

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