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How to choose and buy leak proof sports water bottle?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016-05-19 21:47:00

 Go jogging, gym, buy bottled water too wasteful, low-salt drinking water is the best choice for the body. But generally get a bad kettle or cups or brittle. Sports bottle durable, safe, reliable, convenient insurance, has become a basic configuration of outdoor sports. So what makes a good sports water bottles, how to choose outdoor sports water bottles, follow Xiaobian look at it.

colorful leak proof sports water bottle

Certification: whether through the relevant sports bottle recognition
Factory: ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, BSCI Business Social Compliance certification better
Product: FDA (US Drug Administration testing and certification)
           LFGB (German food hygiene)
           BPA FREE (non-toxic substances bisphenol A)
Certified vendors from institutional aspects of manufacturing, quality control can eliminate a lot of problems produced products; secondly, exports to the US through the US FDA and Drug Administration testing and certification; export to Europe through Germany Germany LFGB food hygiene management testing and certification, also known as "food, tobacco products, cosmetics and other daily necessities management Act"; does not contain toxic substances BPA, bisphenol a toxic, long-term inhalation of bisphenol a dust is harmful to the liver function and kidney function; especially serious is it will reduce the content of hemoglobin in the blood.
So be sure to look for the relevant certification, only buy, do not buy the wrong
Functionality and performance: easy to carry, leak-proof, durable compression and strong, whether with filtering
Easy to carry: the case of the kettle outdoor lot on the bike, rock climbing, running, climb, which the kettle portability forth requirements. Folding kettle safe and volume and shape can be changed as desired products are preferred, they can be difficult to solve with trouble.
Leakproof good: intense exercise, water bottles leak can be very broken down, and wet clothes off, bringing a series of troubles, leak-proof sports bottle is the must-have price adjustment.
Durable compression and strong: rock climbing and other sports, often bump, so sports bottle must have this feature can be more durable.
Whether with filtering function: whether with the filter we can see their needs, you need to travel outdoors playing water to drink, to health and safety, the proposed purchase with filter function, if only for school children, go running, you do not need to drink out natural water without filtering sports bottle can.


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