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Outdoor sports origin

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Outdoor sports history dating back to the 1 6th century Europe.At that time, a kind of important tourism phenomenon, the European tourist attention from public, and continued until 1 9th century.This luxury travel is mainly nobles "privilege" at first, they to Europe to visit the museum of art, museum, also gradually excavated alpine mountain tourism resources, etc.The middle of the 18th century, more and more scientists are beginning to focus on structure of complex mountain in the Alps, meteorological condition and rich animal and plant resources.1 7 60 years, Geneva, a rope oursel young scientists in examining the Alps, great glaciers to mont blanc produced the strong interest.Unfortunately, his climbing without success.To 1 7 8 6 years, the desert village doctor pakal invited local masons baal tamar, and companion in the climbing mont blanc on August 8.A year later, Mr. Oursel carry instruments, please baal tamar to guide, to lead a team consisting of more than 20 people boarded the mont blanc and verify the pakal and baal tamar first climb the facts.
Based on modern mountaineering arose in the Alps of historical facts, mountaineering is also known as "alpine movement", and thus continue to expand the more and more outdoor sports (table 1-1).

Table 1-1 part origin of outdoor sports

Project The origin of time The origin of country In our country to carry out the time
Mountain climbing Mountain climbing as a sport, is in
The end of the 18th century.People called the mountaineering "alpine movement", the year 1786 as the birth of mountaineering
The European In the 1950 s
Rock climbing As sport originated in the 1950 s The European In the 1980 s
Drifting As a special sport originated in the second world war The United States 70-80 - s in the 20th century
Wading As a special sport originated from 1 in the eighth century At the end of The European In the 1990 s
Ski More than 4000 years ago The Nordic An unknown

In 1857, the world's oldest outdoor sports club was born in Germany, the mountaineering, hiking as the main sports ngo is the prototype of the modern outdoor sports club.1 in the eighth century 9 0 s, the emergence of the alpine skiing attract a batch of new adventure tourists, with the change of the people on the mountain environment idea, mountaineering also become popular.Manchester with the highest mountain in the Europe and became the most important sports tourism destination.After climbing became the new way of tourism, the first (a mountain top spot by humans for the first time) becomes the target of climbers.In the Alps, with a gentle and easy to climb mountain one by one, after the first board, in order to be able to board the difficulty bigger mountain, mountain climbers began to pay attention to not only technology, also gradually started to attach importance to research and development and application of climbing equipment.Before and after the second world war, in order to meet operational needs in all kinds of complicated topography, mountain climbing technique not only got further development, such as rock climbing and camping program also arises at the historic moment, the outdoor sports by private adventure tourism gradually evolved to have many individual sports group.

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