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Outdoor sports water bottle choose common sense

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foldable water bottle

Outdoor environment varies greatly, there are many different kinds of outdoor sports, outdoor use, many of the kettle is sometimes on the bike, sometimes on the wall.

In some cases, the general function is cannot meet the need of kettle.

Under the condition of the water can only make one hand, single hand or with the teeth can be opened and closed bottle mouth design seems particularly important.

Camping out in Numbers and have a picnic in times of need, a large water bottle can be folded can effectively meet the needs of the camp to water.

At high altitude or bad conditions such as polar, a thermal insulation kettle can guarantee the water won't freeze to let people do not have trouble back at home.

Designed for special use, outdoor sports bottle is varied, but must have the characteristics of strong and safe.

Field conditions, hashing is hard to avoid.

If the kettle is not strong enough, the result cans be imagined.

Also, if the water bottle closed lax, not only can be lost in the wild is precious drinking water, perhaps will also take the wet clothes, instruments and other items.

In general, movement of choose and buy the kettle can be summarized as the main points of : durable, safe and reliable, convenient and insurance.


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