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Are You In The Right Way Of Supplementing Water When You Are Exercising In The Gym Or Fitness Center

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During the time you are doing physical exercise in fitness ceter or gym, the amount of perspiration is significantly increased. At this time, Both your body and your feeling need water supply. If you are not in the right way to supplement water, not only does it not work, but also may causes other health problems in your body.

So how to supplement water correctly when you are exercising in gym?

Before physical exercise:

Take a silicone collapsible water bottle full of water with you, and drink a few water 20 minutes before you start to warm up.

Many people often ignore the importance of water supplement before you do physical exercise, and even, strongly believe that drinking water before exercising can cause stomach cramps. But in fact, Supplemented water is “reserved” in the human body, and then be transmuted into the bloodstream after you sweat a lot during the process of physical exercise. This is a important time for scientific water supplement, but not too much. Oftenly 300-500ml is the best.

And the best choice, is the plain water. You don’t need to supplement carbonhydrate because you haven’t sweet yet. So just take a silicone water bottle full of water (about 700-1000ml water) with you, other dinks are not in large demand.


During physical exercise:

Plain water is the most needed but not the only needed when supplementing water. During the time we are doing physical exercise, we sweat a lot. There is a lot of sodium in the sweat. The loss of large mount of sodium and chloride will cause the body to be unable to regulate body fluid and temperature in time. So at this period, we should dink electrolyte drinks properly.

Never too much. In the course of fitness, drinking should be small quantities in high frequency (about 100-200ml per half hour, 200-300ml per 2-3km running).


After physical exercise:

Never drink too cold, the best temperature of water is 8ºC -14ºC. Cold water and cold foods, can make the blood vessels in the intestines and quick suddenly stomach shrink, increase the digestive tract creep, and cause gastrointestinal disorders, slow digestion and absorption of food. This may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Additionally, because of the speed increasing of blood circulating, the throat is congested, and if it is suddenly stimulated by cold, it can cause a local disorder, then cause sore throat and a hoarse voice.


In conclusion, When doing physical exercise, you must remember these points, take a silicone bottle full of water with you, never drink too much once, small quantities in high frequency, and never drink cold water. 


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