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The most practical sports water bottle

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2017-03-17 15:24:00

Summer arrived, in this hot season for sports, the most important thing is what?

Hydrating, of course.

Take what to drink water when the movement?

Stupid, of course, is a sport water bottle!

Ann has been equipped with sports higher-ups, today brings good personal recommendations!

Believe that everyone had in mind for the importance of filling water, here is not here.

However a lot of people for water containers: kettle, may be less pay attention to, in fact, the good and poor kettle, kettle is simply the difference between the heaven and in earth, and even good kettle, general price also only a few yuan, but can be used for a long, long time, is definitely worth the investment.

PC and PP material of glass, hydrolysis can produce BPA (bisphenol A).

Research shows that in recent years, such as long-term intake of trace amounts of BPA, it is likely to have adverse influence on the reproductive system, so some countries and regions have been limited or disable PC.

Glass manufacturers in the face of environmental pressure, is seeking to replace the PC material, it is in this market background, the birth of a new generation of silicone materials, a lot of juice machine and food contact parts with silicone material, silica gel has is the best food materials. Let me to recommend a few used myself, it looks good sport water bottle.

Foldable water bottle

Kean Foldable water bottleLightweight, ECO-Friendly, Plastic-Free, Durable, Dishwasher safe, Safety, taste and odor free, Economical, Nontoxic, Fashionable, Leak proof, Food grade silicone material.

Nalgeneeveryday sports water bottle:Pot body is made from safe strong Tritan, boiled water, water is no problem.Hukou is bigger, facilitate irrigation, clean.Compared with the following a few, it is no suction,only the screw cap, so best leakproof, really is 100% leak proof.

CamelbakPodium sports water bottle:Hukou is sucking type, rather than the large opening.So whether you are running or jumping, or ride a bike, don't have to worry about water spill out.

NathanVaporShot running sports water bottle:The bottle is designed for running in your hands, conform with the curve of human body engineering, so it looks less regular shape.
Hukou is sucking type, press the suction can prevent leakage, pull up suction can drink water.Kean

Camelbak straw sports water bottle:This is probably the most convenient water bottle, a head can absorb water,  In fact can be thought of as the exports of water in the bottle on.


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