3 seconds to tell food grade silicone

Do you know food grade silicone products?

Silicone products are one of the most popular products nowadays. This is also because the use of silicone products is very wide and involves various industries. However, because of the excellent prospects of silicone products, many people have begun to engage in silicone products, which also makes the quality of silicone products uneven.
Food-grade silicone products mean products that are completely non-toxic and tasteless, and do not contain any chemical residues. Such products are generally used for products that directly or indirectly contact the human body, such as baby silicone pacifiers, silicone feeding bottles, silicone bib, silicone dinner plates, silicone bowls, etc.
Silicone tableware
Edible environmental protection, non-toxicity, and tasteless are the characteristics of food-grade silicone products, and there are different problems in this characteristic. Ordinary silica gel and food-grade silica gel, and food-grade silica gel material is a type of product that can enter the mouth and body without causing physical discomfort and sensitivity, and can meet various testing and certification standards.

Classification of food grade silicone products

Food grade silica gel is divided into medical grade, industrial grade and high temperature resistant grade. Different grades of silica gel have different uses. You need to understand the classification of food grade silica gel. The methods of identifying food-grade silica gel include smelling method, hard pulling method, baking method and checking the food-grade certification certificate of the merchant. You can observe food-grade silica gel according to these methods, and then choose a good food-grade silica gel product. Cutlery or drinking glass.
Do you still only understand the surface of silicone products? The essence of silicone products is silica gel, and silica gel is also graded, such as: medical-grade silica gel, industrial-grade silica gel, high-temperature resistant silica gel, food-grade silica gel, etc., and the material of silica gel products used in our lives is food-grade silica gel .

The secret to distinguishing food grade silicone

So do you know how to identify food grade silicone? Today, KEAN manufacturers will teach you a few secrets, and learn these tricks to easily identify food-grade silicone.

  • Tip 1: Smell.

Put the silicone product close to the nose and smell it. The pungent odor is ordinary silicone, and vice versa is food-grade silicone. Ordinary silicone has a pungent odor and is not environmentally friendly silicone. The food-grade silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless, and is an environmentally friendly silica gel.

  • Tip 2: Pull hard.

Take the silicone tube as an example. Pinch the two ends of the silicone tube with your hands and pull it in the opposite direction. If it turns white and smells pungent, it means that it is ordinary silicone. On the contrary, it is food-grade silicone. But sometimes it will not turn white when pulled up. Because the manufacturer has by-products in the production and vulcanization process, there will be a faint smell, but it is also food-grade silica gel, which will not affect the quality of the product, and this smell can be self-determined. eliminated.

Food-grade Silicone

  • Tip 3: Bake.

Except for special silica gel, the temperature resistance of ordinary silica gel can only reach up to about 150 degrees, while the food-grade silica gel can withstand high temperature of 250 degrees, and the temperature resistance can be as high as 350 degrees in a short time.

  • Tip 4:Require manufacturers or businesses to provide FDA food-grade certification.

Food grade silica gel has the characteristics of non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties and high transparency. The silica gel products made will not turn yellow over time. The performance of ordinary silica gel is not so good. Products made of this kind of silica gel will not only have a great odor, but also appear yellowing or dark lines over time.
Although manufacturers generally do not use ordinary silica gel as food-grade silica gel to fool customers, but if we can learn how to identify food-grade silica gel, we will have our own ability to distinguish, and we will no longer be afraid of buying poor performance and not environmentally friendly ones. Silicone products.

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