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"Feeding my baby, making delicious meals and cleaning dishes are not difficult for me, because the dishes used are silicone feeding sets and can be washed in the dishwasher directly after eating, cooking is a very enjoyable process for me, because I love food. On the contrary, the thing that drives me crazy is that my baby keeps getting food all over the place, especially when there are liquids such as milk and jam, that scene can hardly be recalled".

This is the painful statement from an American mother on Reddit.

baby feeding trouble

Underneath this post, many mothers said they faced the same problem, the most frantic every day is to help the baby clean up the battlefield after the meal, especially the food-stained clothes are even more frantic, you need to hand wash and then put in the washing machine, otherwise it is a disaster for the whole family's clothes - The smell of food was left on the clothes of the whole family the next day.

But the most popular comment was from a mom who suggested using a bib for baby.

So what is a baby bib? Is it really powerful?

Actually bibs can be used from the time your baby is very young, if you don't want your baby's clothes to be bothered because they are covered in drool.

When your baby is 0-6 months old, you can use a drool scarf bib, which is usually made of cotton and is very effective in absorbing the drool that comes out of your baby's mouth to avoid staining your clothes with drool, and when you wear it, the cotton drool bib can also take good care of your baby's skin.

In fact, there is a better baby drool towel, is based on the cotton drool towel, plus a silicone teething gel.

Does it sound amazing to have such well-designed baby products?

infant bib

At six months of age, the baby has reached the time of growing teeth, this time the baby may not only face the problem of drooling, but also prone to gum pain, swollen sockets and itchy teeth and other problems. Babies at this stage cry easily and also need to massage their gums to relieve pain by biting on things. At this stage babies love to bite, or bite their own fingers or clothes.

At this time, the silicone teether on the saliva wipes can be a good solution to this problem. Not only does it massage the baby's gums, it also calms the baby and gives him/her something to grip.

After 6 months, many mothers will add complementary foods to their babies, this time the complementary foods or solid complementary foods and finger complementary foods are the main, so you can continue to use cotton drool towel kind of bib.

However, when babies can eat on their own, the silicone spit towel will not solve the problem, because at this time the baby's hand-brain coordination is still developing, it is easy to drop food everywhere. So, this is the ideal time to use pocket bibs, the pockets under the bibs can be very good at collecting the food crumbs dropped by the baby.

There are many different kinds of pocket bibs.

There are fabric pocket bibs, wearable pocket bibs with long sleeves, and silicone pocket bibs.
In the face of so many materials, how do we choose?

We can go back to the problem that drove the mother crazy at the beginning - it's hard to clean.

Since the original reason for choosing a bib for your baby is to make cleaning easy and save time, if you choose a fabric bib or a long sleeve bib, not only do you need to wash them after each use, but you also need to dry them or air dry them. We all know that fabric is very slow to dry and may not be dry by the time your baby is ready for the next meal.

So how about silicone bibs?

Silicone bibs are made of 100% food-grade silicone, which not only take good care of baby's skin, but also can continue to pick up food crumbs in the pocket and continue to eat, avoiding food waste, after all, babies eat all the meals that their mothers work hard to make with love.

In addition, the biggest difference between silicone bibs and fabric bibs is that silicone bibs do not absorb water, after use, you only need to wipe it clean, do not need to dry. Even if you put it in water to clean it, due to the special nature of the silicone material, it will be dry within seconds and will not affect the timely use of the next meal at all.

By the way, silicone bibs are heat resistant and can be cleaned and disinfected at over 200 degrees Celsius, and can also be washed in the dishwasher, making a clean bib a healthy little guard for your baby.

Silicone baby bib

At what stage can babies stop using bibs?

Generally speaking, when your baby is able to eat on his or her own at around 18 months of age, you can take off the bib.

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