Advantages Of Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles?

The United Nations has issued the starkest warning yet - human behavior is alarmingly accelerating global warming, the global climate system is at imminent and dire risks, calls are being made to reduce the use of single-use cups, and SILICONE WATER BOTTLES are starting to dominate daily water use Cup, after all, all silica gels are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, and harmless in contact with the human body. Even when scorched, it will only decompose into silicon dioxide and water vapor, which will not cause any harm to the environment. In recent years, silicone foldable water cups have been well known and chosen. What are the advantages of silicone foldable water cups?

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Silicone water cups are very tough and tear-resistant. It won't break as easily as a glass cup. The silicone itself has non-slip friction, and it feels very comfortable to hold in the hand. The hardness is moderate, and the resilience is also very good. It will not be scrapped directly after being deformed like a metal cup. Whether it is outdoor sports or indoor office, the silicone foldable cup has a long service life.

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Cheap price

Compared with glass cups and ceramic cups, the price of silicone foldable water cups is more favorable, and therefore more popular with consumers.

Easy to carry and transport

Sports people who go out to exercise and ride bicycles all carry silicone foldable water cups. The main reason is that they are very easy to carry. The folded silicone water cup can be directly put into a bag or pocket. It is small in size and lighter than a mobile phone. After exercising, directly Pull it out, and a complete water cup appears in front of you, which can realize the freedom to drink water without worrying about the storage of the water cup. Compared with hard glass and metal water cups, silicone foldable water cups achieve what they cannot.


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During transportation, the folded cup takes up very little space and is light in weight, which saves a lot of cost compared to rigid water cups.

Wide range of uses

  1. Can be used for outdoor mountain climbing, camping, riding, easy to carry and light weight.
  2. Can be washed directly in the dishwasher.
  3. Foldable silicone water cup can be used as both a water cup and a coffee cup
  4. Put it in the refrigerator to replace the ice pack.
  5. It can be placed on the car as a spare water cup without occupying any space.

Innovative design

Exquisite appearance, it can be made into silicone folding bowls of different shapes, styles and shapes to meet the different needs of different groups of people. The appearance color and surface pattern can be customized for different age groups, such as cartoon, retro, traditional And so on, you can also screen-print the brand logo.

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The main factor for making silicone folding water cups is the folding interval point of the drawing, and other shapes other than arcs are difficult to achieve the folding effect. The drawing mainly depends on the wall thickness size of the folding position. Generally, the wall thickness size of the folded part is It needs to be small enough to bend back and forth to achieve a gradient size. Usually, the wall thickness of the folding position is between 0.5-1mm. The final folding position can be determined according to the size of the silicone water cup. Part of the strength achieves a reflex effect.
Making molds also requires certain skills. When opening the mold, the upper and lower mold clamping interfaces should be at the minimum position. The slope of the product should be judged according to the taper size of the mold, and the minimum should be achieved to achieve the folding effect, which is more common. The problem is that the inside of the silicone folding cup is easily affected by the wall thickness of the folding part, so its internal folding point must be made into a structure in which the upper part is inclined downward and the lower part is inclined upward, so that there will be no extrusion during folding. expansion problem.

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Secondly, the production process of the folding silicone water cup also has a certain impact on the hardness of the product and the quality of the variable material. If the material with lower hardness is used, it is estimated that the folding strength will not be enough, resulting in automatic rebound, and the use of high hardness may This will cause the folding strength to increase, which is not easy to fold. The second is the influence of the material of the product. The high-tensile silicone rubber material is a necessary raw material. Otherwise, the long-term pressure and pressing may cause the product to deform and the folding effect will deteriorate.

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