Are Suction Bowls Good For Feeding?

"Every time I feed my baby, it's like going through a big battle. The little guy has nowhere to rest his little hands. I don't know how many bowls he broke and how much rice he spilled. When it comes to feeding the baby, I have a headache, look at the debris on the floor, feel sorry for the money, worry about hurting the baby, and fear that I will grow up to be a bad child" - from a mad mother.
Baby feeding problem?
The baby's eating has really caused headaches for many parents. From the beginning of adding complementary food, they have searched for complementary food recipes in various ways, fearing that they may not do well, the baby does not like to eat, or there is something wrong with the child. Some parents feel that there is no need for special children's tableware. Or you want to teach your baby how to eat, but when the baby has not learned how to eat, he uses various methods such as forced feeding and teasing with props inappropriately. In fact, these methods are all wrong.

The key point is to let the baby eat by himself. It is very important to cultivate the baby's autonomous eating habits.

From 6 to 7 months, the baby is very interested in grasping food with his hands. By 10 months, the baby's fingers will be more flexible than before. At this time, the baby can basically grasp the tableware and eat by himself. Let the baby learn to use children's tableware to eat independently at the right stage. It can not only increase the child's interest in eating, but also help the baby form good eating habits.

At this time, if the size, length, and weight of the tableware meet the needs of the baby, the baby will be more handy. This is conducive to cultivating the baby's hands-on ability, promoting the flexible movement of the baby's fingers, thereby balancing the baby's limb coordination ability, and it is also an effective means to improve the cortical function of the two hemispheres of the brain.

suction bowl

Suction bowls are tableware for babies. Its unique feature is that there is a suction cup design at the bottom, which can fix the bowl on the table and prevent children from accidentally knocking over the bowl when eating.

Do Suction Bowls Work?

1. The suction bowl is tightly attached to the table, so that the bowl is effectively fixed, which is beneficial for the baby to learn to eat alone, and makes growth full of fun.
2. The strong suction cup can withstand the baby's hands grabbing, pushing and pulling at will, which can effectively prevent the bowl from being overturned and food spilled, which is safer.

baby bowl

What to Look For in A Baby Suction Bowl?

1. Is the material safe?

The material of the suction bowl is the most important for the baby's health. Now it is recommended to use silicone suction bowls, the silicone suction bowls meet food safety standards (LFGB), BPA-free, lead-free, phthalate-free, latex-free, non-toxic silicone materials.

2. Don’t buy fragile items

When children are just learning to eat independently, it is difficult to master the skills of using the suction cup for a while, and there may be frequent "misses".
If the product is fragile, it is not only a waste of money, but also puts the baby at risk.

3. Is the tableware easy to clean?

Some products are unique in design, or have material problems that make it difficult to clean, or cannot be used at high temperatures, so it is not a good choice. This will easily cause dirt such as oil stains and bacteria to adhere to and breed on the surface of the tableware, which will damage the health of children.

How to clean baby bowl?
The silicone baby sucker bowl can keep dry in a few seconds, will not absorb residual bacteria, and can be steamed and sterilized at a high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, which cannot be satisfied by other materials. In addition, the silicone baby bowl can also be used Dishwasher safe, great time saver for mom.

4. Bright colors and unique shapes

The bright colors and cute shapes can stimulate the baby's nerves, make the baby's actions and thinking constantly connect, promote brain development, and increase interest in eating.

5. The appearance and structure of the baby bowl

There is a choice of products in terms of appearance and structure. Since children have poor positioning and balance skills and are prone to falls, we try to choose products with round shapes to reduce the risk of trauma caused by falls.

What Else Should You Know About Baby Bowl?

When plastic children's training bowls age, cracks appear, and food residues are easy to remain in the cracks, and the cracks are easy to cut the baby's skin. The risk of excessive heavy metals in brightly colored and messy plastic children's bowls is higher.

The stainless steel children's training bowl has good thermal conductivity, which is easy to burn the baby, and the density is high, and the tableware is heavy, which makes it difficult for the baby to use, and improper use may cause heavy metal hazards.

Silicone children's training bowls are non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature resistant, and can keep food temperature for a period of time; the material itself is soft, and the tableware can be folded and turned into other shapes, and there will be no sharp parts to stab the baby.

When purchasing silicone children's training bowls or other silicone feeding tableware, you must choose products made of 100% food-grade silicone raw materials. Good silicone will not change color when twisted.

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