At what age teether should be used?

Teething is really unbearable, probably many parents will choose to use teething cookies to deal with their children "teething".

In the opinion of many parents, teething cookies can grind teeth, can be used as a supplement, can replace the soother, but also to exercise the child's hand-eye coordination, can be called "kill four birds with one stone".

But, are teething cookies really suitable for babies to grind their teeth?

1. Risk of choking
Many teething cookies are not hard enough, a bite a large piece down, if the baby swallowed by mistake, it is easy to choke.

2. The quality control standards used are unreasonable
Some studies have shown that many teething cookies use the production standards of ordinary cookies and pastries, and the quality control standards are not the quality control standards for baby food.

Although teething cookies are also cookies, they are cookies with special functions for babies and toddlers, and it is obviously unreasonable to use the standards of ordinary cookies for production and quality control.

So what teether is suitable for babies to grind their teeth?

1. The material of the teether must be in line with international safety and quality standards, such as the U.S. FDA and European LFGB standards, and then according to the needs of the baby's dental growth at different times, choose the softness and hardness of the teether suitable for the baby to chew.

certification of soft silicone teether

2. The small pendant on the teether must be firm and cannot fall off to prevent the baby from swallowing or getting stuck in the pharynx causing choking, the one-piece silicone teether can avoid this problem.

3. The shape should be easy for baby to grasp and give visual, auditory and tactile stimulation, and attract baby's attention and interest. The soft surface can massage the gums next to the teeth, the shape is similar to a soother, and the weight is lighter and easier to grip. It is suitable for babies who have just started teething.

4.A good teether also has the function of differentiating the fingers and can be used to train the fingers to snap, pinch, push and pull.

At what age does baby start using teether?

Babies usually start teething at 6 months of age, so having a teether ready in advance can help relieve itchy gums during teething. However, the teether used by your baby varies from stage to stage.

Why is a teether important?

Babies begin to explore the world through their mouths. Babies like to eat hands and even feet, in this way, he will slowly distinguish between his hands and feet, babies also like to bite all the things that can be grasped by the hands, this does not mean that the baby is hungry, it may be that the baby is expressing curiosity about the world, with the mouth to bite a bite to know the world, and the baby bite things can also get a sense of security, this is also a way for him to play with himself, parents do not need to stop The baby, only need to clean the baby bite things on it.

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When the baby starts to teething, the dental bed will be very uncomfortable, there will be a slight redness and itching, this time the baby will be more likely than usual to cry, eat hands hands bite things will become more frequent, he is actually biting things to ease the discomfort of the dental bed.

Teether in the process of use, not only to relieve the discomfort of the baby's gums, but also to exercise the coordination of the eyes and hands, and when the baby is more irritable or sleepy, in fact, teether also has a certain comforting effect on the baby, so that he feels a sense of security.

All in all, the benefit of baby teether is that by sucking and biting on it, it can promote the coordination of baby's eyes and hands, thus promoting the development of intelligence. Theoretically, babies who are unhappy, tired and sleepy, or lonely can get psychological satisfaction and security by sucking on a pacifier and chewing on a teether.

Choose a different teether for each stage

Stage 1.
4-6 months Your baby's teeth are budding and the teether will be uncomfortable, so you need to choose a soft and smooth teether. It is effortless for your baby to chew on and can ease the pain before teething.

silicone teether

silicone teething toy

silicone chew toys

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Stage 2.
Most babies are 6 months old when a pair of mid-milk incisors in the lower jaw begin to emerge. At this time, you should choose a frozen teether to massage the soft mid-milk incisors and soothe the discomfort.
bpa free silicone teether

water filled teether

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Stage 3.
When the baby grows 4 incisors and 4 canines, it is recommended to use a pacifier teether that is similar in shape to a pacifier, lighter in weight and easier to grip. The soft and hard textured layers massage the flesh around the newly grown teeth and allow the baby to experience the sensation of biting and chewing.

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Stage 4.
At 8 months of age or older, the baby's milk teeth, lateral teeth, and lower lateral incisors have all erupted. You can use a hard and granular teether. Massage the flesh around the newly emerged teeth to let your baby experience the sensation of biting and chewing.silicone teether LFGBteether for 2 month oldteething soother manufacturer
Stage 5.
1-2 years old is the period of growing milk molar, choose silicone toothbrush teether, can not only clean the teeth can also massage the gums, and soft and hard mixed texture layer can reduce the pain caused by the flesh of the teeth swelling when the big teeth, help enhance the development of teeth, exercise chewing ability.

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How to clean baby silicone teether?

Food-grade baby silicone teether toys like those above, which are FDA and LFGB certified, can accept temperatures from -40°C to 200°C. So when cleaning baby silicone teether, you can use boiling water to scald it, or steam it to achieve the effect of disinfection, and boil it in water for about five minutes for better results.

How do you clean silicone teether?

In addition, also regularly check the teether, found broken, must immediately stop using.

It is recommended to rotate the use of 2 teether, always use the same teether baby will lose interest.

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