Baby Divider Plate: Adopting Mom's Advice

"This was my negligence. At the beginning, I didn't take this into consideration. I used the porcelain plate at home for the baby, but it broke for the first time. Fortunately, the baby was sitting on the baby high chair. No harm."

It was clear the mother was still reeling from her baby's shattered dinner plate.

Baby feeding tableware is significant

So why do babies drop the plate so easily?

The main reason is that the baby's nervous system, muscle tissue, etc. are not developed enough, and they have no ability or consciousness to protect the tableware, so it is easy to break the tableware when eating.

Cute silicone plate

The baby-oriented separated weaning plate is designed to make the baby interested in eating every time he sees it. The special baby meal is conducive to cultivating the baby's hands-on ability, promoting the flexible movement of fingers, and exercising the coordination of hands, eyes and mouth. The role of coordination. So choosing a safe and suitable dinner plate for your baby is a top priority.

"Personally, I feel that from the practical effect, a good and practical baby plate must meet the following points: 1. It will not be hot, and the material is relatively light; 2. The staple food and dishes can be separated to a certain extent, because sometimes there are vegetable juices. The children don’t like to eat the staple food, but my children love to eat white rice, and they like to eat the dishes that need to be served separately; 3. The bowl can absorb better. Sometimes the baby will play with the tableware and food when he doesn’t want to eat it. I want to throw the bowl on the ground; 4. The material is safe and easy to clean. Compared with the baby’s things, pay attention to safety and sanitation.

This is a suggestion from a mother who has personally experienced choosing a baby’s plate.

So how to choose the right dinner plate?

  1. Material safety
  2. The surface is smooth and easy to clean
  3. There are multiple compartments
  4. The bottom is non-slip, and the placement is more stable
  5. Wear-resistant and not easy to break
  6. Easy to scoop up food
  7. Good looking, cultivate the baby's aesthetics from an early age

What kind of material baby plate is safer?

Food-grade silicone plate, not easy to absorb oil stains, can reduce detergent residue after cleaning. Dishwasher safe, high temperature sanitizer, and microwave safe. The silicone material is flexible and resistant to falling, so there is no problem with rolling and kneading. Long service life, not easy to fade or yellow, very durable, and there are silicone plates certified by the US FDA, mothers can use it with confidence.

baby silicone suction plate
The suction cup at the bottom ensures that the plate will not slip off when the baby is eating, which perfectly solves the problem that the baby loves to overturn the plate. Just put it on the table, even adults can't easily pull it up, allowing your baby to develop fine motor skills and independence while enjoying delicious food.

Silicone suction plate for baby
Its storage method is also very special. In addition to being stackable and stored in the sideboard, if there is not enough space at home, it can even be "posted" on the refrigerator.

What age do babies need plates?

At about 6 months old, babies will gradually eat food consciously with their hands. Parents should give full affirmation and encouragement to this behavior, and prepare a separate meal tray for babies so that babies can eat as soon as possible learn about the shape of food, thereby increasing your baby's interest in eating. You can prepare more lumpy foods suitable for grabbing for your baby, such as fruit cubes, potato chips, bread slices, etc.

What is the purpose of a divided plate?

What is the purpose of a divided plate?

  1. It is convenient to store all kinds of food and prevent the mixing of food with different tastes.
  2. Parents can use the Baby Divider Plate to guide your child to eat different foods at the same time, especially for picky eaters.
  3. Divided plates turn every meal into a colorful treat, beautiful carrots, delicious pasta, breads of all shapes can be placed on the plate to keep baby interested in eating.
  4. You can put some different foods to be more nutritious, and mix meat and vegetables to achieve a balanced meal.
  5. The individual dividers effectively stop food from running and spilling, and the food is completely present on the plate.
  6. The curved design makes it easy for babies to scoop up delicious food.

Why do toddler plates have dividers?

"Now the baby is almost 21 months old and can eat by himself, but the troublesome thing is that as a mother, I don't know how to choose a suitable plate to let the baby control the amount of food eaten. Sometimes the baby meets the food that suits his appetite. The child eats a lot. I am struggling with what kind of dinner plate to buy for her to correct her eating habits. Personally, I feel that a plate with more compartments will be better, so that the baby can eat more different meals, and the meals will not be mixed. Mixing together will affect the baby's appetite. Of course, the quality of the plate is very important, and the quality of the supermarkets is uneven. In the end, I chose a silicone plate for the baby to use. The silicone products of the US FDA are safe for babies and do not contain BPA."

This mother chooses a silicone plate for her baby to use, which solves the problem of unbalanced meals for the baby and allows the baby to absorb more balanced nutrition.

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