Baby Refuses to Eat: The Importance of Tableware

When babies reach 6 months of age, they start to eat solid food, and this time mothers will first choose tableware for their babies. The main baby tableware are baby bowls, plates, bibs, spoons and forks and some of these. Every mealtime is a wonderful experience for the baby and every mother wants to provide the best for her baby.

"I've tried giving my 8 month old daughter various types of baby food, yet she doesn't seem to like a single one. How can I get her to eat?"

"Parents of Reddit, how do you feel when your child refuses to eat your homemade food?"

-- These are the struggles of moms on Reddit.

Baby refusal to eat is a pressing problem for many moms.
When a baby refuses to eat, many moms will first consider the food, thinking it's because the baby doesn't like the food she made. If the food is delicious after trying it, they will consider whether there is something wrong with the baby's body, whether dental or gastrointestinal discomfort is causing the child's reluctance to eat.

They almost rarely consider the third reason - whether the baby likes his utensils.

The two reasons mentioned above belong to the rational side of the equation, both in terms of food and in terms of finding problems in the baby's body. We can switch to an emotional position, that is, to create a happy or even romantic atmosphere for the baby to eat, give the baby to use his favorite tableware, he will love to eat and get rid of the problem of refusal to eat?

This idea does not come out of nowhere, as an authoritative pediatrician once said: for the baby, a good choice of tableware, the baby will be more interested in eating, and will also be more focused during the meal.

Kitty silicone suction plate for baby
Baby tableware is really a lot of cute shapes, there are kitty-shaped baby silicone suction plate, and elephant-shaped silicone dinner plate, these dinner plates on the nature of the baby like novelty, cartoon shape and small animals, is undoubtedly a surprise.

Elephant silicone suction plate
The cute shape and style of baby tableware is a matter of preference for the baby, but if you look at the health of the baby, the choice of material for baby tableware is more important.

In the market, there are many materials of baby tableware, such as plastic, silicone, stainless steel and wood, etc..

The most common is probably the baby's plastic tableware and silicone tableware, stainless steel and wood may be more suitable for children at the child stage, after all, stainless steel has the risk of scratching, wood will be heavier, are not suitable for complementary feeding stage of the baby use.

So plastic and silicone baby tableware, which is more suitable for babies?

Plastic tableware is common in many families, after all, it is strong, cheap and durable. However, just because plastic is too strong or hard material, it may poke the baby's tender teeth and dental grooves, especially plastic spoons. In addition, plastic tableware used for a long time, the surface will be oxidation and yellowing, affecting the baby's appetite.

Then say a baby silicone tableware.

Baby silicone tableware is made of 100% food-grade platinum crystal silicone, does not contain BPA, the harm of BPA is mainly easy to cause endocrine disorders, affecting normal growth and development. Short-term contact, exposure to a small amount of general will not produce too much harm to the body. However, if the tableware contains BPA, the contact time is too long or the amount of contact is too large, it may promote the body cell estrogen receptor binding, producing anti-estrogenic effects, which may cause endocrine disorders, and will also interfere with the normal development of the reproductive system, there is the possibility of inducing premature sexual maturity in children.

food-grade silicone bowl
Food-grade platinum crystal silicone may sound strange at first, but baby's pacifier I'm sure you're no stranger to it. To share a concept with you, baby pacifiers are made using food-grade platinum crystal silicone. So you will find baby's silicone pacifiers are common in life because it is trusted by many mothers and recognized by the market. In other words, baby tableware made of food-grade platinum crystal silicone, such as baby silicone feeding bowls, baby silicone separating plates, baby silicone spoons and forks, are of course then all safe to use.

So how can you tell if your baby's silicone tableware is made of food-grade platinum crystal silicone? Does it contain BPA and other harmful ingredients?

I believe this is what many mothers want to know the answer to. The easiest way is to see if the silicone products have FDA safety certification and LFGB certification in Europe. Through the FDA and LFGB certification of silicone products, you can give your baby to use with confidence.

FDA and LFGB approved silicone feeding set for baby
This is a discussion of silicone products for babies from a health perspective. Are there any other advantages to silicone tableware?

When we discussed plastic tableware for babies above, we said that the reason plastic tableware is not suitable for babies is that they are too hard and have the possibility of hurting the baby's teeth or gums, while silicone tableware is the perfect solution to this problem. Because silicone tableware, whether it's baby feeding bowls, baby plates or baby forks and spoons, are very soft, and when you touch the silicone material, it's like touching watery skin.

Baby silicone feeding set

So, using silicone spoons as baby tableware, not only do you not have to worry about poking your baby's mouth, but you can even use it as a teething stick for your baby. In fact, there are silicone teether toys on the market as teething toys for babies, and when your baby has a soft silicone spoon, it can almost replace the silicone teether as well. Likewise, silicone feeding bowls and plates can be used by babies as teething toys when given to them, and babies may be happier when they bite into them while eating, massaging their gums and grooves.

In short, when the baby refuses to eat, you can suspect that the complementary food made is not delicious does not meet the baby's appetite, you can also consider whether the baby's body has a condition, but also to consider the baby's mood, choose a good-looking and healthy tableware for the baby, perhaps the baby will love to eat.

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