Baby Tableware: Advice From Experienced Mothers

"In a blink of an eye, the baby is one year old, and he has been interested in tableware for a long time. When we are eating, the baby often looks at it attentively, and sometimes uses his hands and feet to grab a few bites.

Seeing that the baby's desire to eat independently is so strong, and the age is almost the same, so I thought about starting to let the child exercise to eat by himself.

At that time, although I wanted to let the child eat by himself, I would mutter "this is wrong" and "let me feed it" as soon as the child started to eat. As a result, I failed to let the child experience the use of tableware smoothly several times. "

This is a monologue from a mother.

Self-feeding silicone bowl for baby

This stage is the best stage for training the child to eat independently. If the child is not allowed to practice eating with utensils, it may affect the child's future growth and even the development of the mouth. Let the child try to eat independently.

So how do you help your child transition to self-eating?

  • Wean the baby bottle first: When the baby is training to eat, many people focus on "eating". Adapt to the training water cup more.
  • Practice spoon: When eating at the beginning, it is recommended to use a training soft spoon for children, which is the kind of spoon with a soft handle. Use a spoon because the baby's fine motor skills are insufficient. The soft handle training spoon is mainly for safety reasons.
  • Attract the baby to eat actively: When exercising the baby, don't force the baby to eat, but use the "seduce" method. For example, when it's time to eat, let the baby see the parents eating with tableware and make delicious expressions. The baby will run over by itself and want to eat by itself.
  • Reduce snack intake: After the baby starts to eat by himself, in order to strengthen the baby's appetite for staple food, it is necessary to reduce the baby's snacks.
  • Try to maintain the dining environment: Babies are easily attracted by interesting food, such as watching TV, so when eating, it is necessary to keep the dining environment pure to avoid interference when the baby is eating.
  • Maintain the baby's eating hygiene: When the baby eats by himself, the scene is as if he has just finished a war, which is a bit too horrible. Therefore, before a baby eats, he needs to make preparations in advance, such as putting on a napkin before eating, cleaning up stains after eating, and so on.

The important thing to note is that you never interfere with the baby's eating, you only need to prepare before meals and clean up after meals to maintain the baby's hygiene, and pay attention to care in the middle to prevent the baby from putting food into the nasal cavity.

"I want to say that my baby has been 10 and a half months in a blink of an eye. Looking back on the days when I first added complementary food (6 months), it was really messy. The dining chair is the center of the range that can be reached by hand. Only you can't think of it. No baby can't fall. Yes, every minute of cleaning and tidying made me collapse, but fortunately I persisted, and now the baby can basically eat independently, finger food can eat very well.

This is good news for a mother who has successfully helped her baby transition to self-feeding.

So how to help your baby choose the right tableware?

Some novice parents asked, "How many plates do I need to prepare for my baby?", "Which baby feeding bowl is best?", "When should I start giving my baby a plate?" and a series of questions.

In fact, the most important thing to choose baby tableware is the material safety. Nowadays, there are many choices for the material of tableware. It is recommended to use baby tableware made of silicone, which is easy to clean, easy to store and safe, will not burn hands, and the material is relatively light.

Choose the appropriate plate according to age. I think it is more suitable for a small baby to use a dinner plate with strong suction. Because the little baby is a curious baby who always likes to explore new discoveries, and he has to pick the bottom of the plate every minute after eating. The suction power for children is not good, so they are often lifted, and they are replaced with bowls over time, but it is inconvenient without a partition.

As for how many plates need to be prepared for the baby, it is best to prepare two plates for the baby. One with a partition and one without a partition, or one with a suction cup bottom and one without a suction cup bottom. In the early stage when the baby is just learning to eat independently, no matter whether there is a partition or no partition, it is necessary to use a plate with a suction base. When the baby grows up, there is no need to use a plate with a suction cup.

There are not too many partitions, basically 3 is the best. There is a separate area for vegetables, rice, and finger food. If there are too many, the baby will be easily dazzled.

Suction feeding bowl for baby

"I bought a silicone suction cup for my baby. I don't worry about him falling over, but also allows him to eat well. The most important thing is to let the child develop the habit of sitting on the dining chair to eat. We let the child eat by himself. Try to eat, no matter you eat with your fingers or whatever, even if it gets dirty, you will gradually get used to it, and you will make good use of the plate to eat. My summary is: the first is to let the baby get used to it and like it, and the second is to Parents, don't be afraid of children getting messy, take your time." This is what the mother said.

Why help your baby choose tableware?

1. Easy for baby to eat

The baby's brain development is immature, the hands and feet are weak, and the fingers are not very flexible, so the baby needs to use tableware specially designed for children, which is convenient for the baby to eat. Moreover, children's tableware is highly resistant to falling, which can prevent accidents such as cuts for babies.

2. Promote brain development

Children's tableware is smaller than ordinary tableware, suitable for babies to grasp. Using children's tableware can better exercise the baby's finger flexibility and the coordination ability of hands, eyes and mouth. In addition, the colors of children's tableware are often brighter, which can stimulate the brain nerves of babies and improve their cognition of colors.

3. Conducive to habit formation

Generally speaking, babies are more interested in brightly colored items. Most of the children's tableware is bright in color, which can improve the baby's appetite and help to cultivate the baby's habit of eating by themselves.

Silicone divider plate for baby
This silicone dinner plate is designed in a divided format, which is convenient for placing different foods separately; the outer contour is a semicircular design with straight sides, which reasonably shortens the distance between food and baby.
On the back of the plate, there is also a large suction cup, which effectively stabilizes the positioning of the plate and prevents the baby from knocking over the food. There is also a thoughtful "wrench" design on the edge of the suction cup, so that mothers can easily pick up the dinner plate.

Suction plate for baby

The silicone dinner plate is not made of ordinary silicone, but food-grade platinum silicone, high-quality silicone material, more durable, and will not change color after long-term use, which is better than most ordinary silicone dinner plates on the market. Strong tear resistance, not easy to tear, good elasticity, high toughness, not easy to deform. It can also withstand higher temperatures and is suitable for short-term heating in microwave ovens.

Silicone baby plate for baby

Whether the baby plate is good or not depends on the effect of use.
When the baby is eating, there is no such thing as overturning the food; and the baby has a great interest in the plate at once, which indirectly improves the baby's appetite.

Babies often touch the tableware because of their curiosity, but the flexible platinum silicone material prevents the baby from any harm; the design of the dinner plate is in line with the baby's physiological characteristics, allowing the baby's short hands to get any food they want .

Baby suction plate is easy to clean

Finally, there is the choice of tableware:
First of all, it is designed with no dead angle and large angle, which makes cleaning much easier.

Secondly, the water-resistant design makes it difficult for stains to adhere and is easy to clean.

Finally, there is the disinfection stage. Whether it is boiled or steam sterilized, silicone dinner plates have obvious advantages, and at the same time, there will be no qualitative change or deformation.

"If mothers are also troubled by the choice of baby's dinner plate, you might as well try a silicone dinner plate. Don't use adult tableware or some inferior dinner plates for your baby to save money or be lazy. Diet training not only affects the child's nutritional intake, but also affects the child's oral development and ability development, such as fine motor, hand-eye coordination, etc. Therefore, prepare a safe, healthy and reasonably designed meal plate for the baby It's a very important thing." Advice from a mother.

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