Custom Silicone Suction Bowls to Expand Brand

When your baby reaches six months old, it is time to start eating complementary foods. This is the time when moms have to start thinking about how to choose the right tableware for their babies. This problem makes moms anxious because there are many baby tableware on the market, no matter the material, shape, size or color there are many kinds.

baby tableware

This is actually a concern for many traders, in the end what feeding tableware is more suitable for the first stage of baby? In the end what tableware is more to the liking of mothers?

There are many tableware on the market, such as glass bowls, ceramic bowls, plastic bowls, wooden bowls and silicone bowls. We will be the first to rule out the glass and ceramic bowls, because they are the most unsafe for babies to use, easy to break, there are great safety risks. And although the plastic bowl is not easy to fall and break, but it is harder material. Babies at 6 months of age just when the teething period, because of swollen and itchy gums like to chew the bowl, massage the gums. Because of the hard plastic material, often the baby gnawing process is not very comfortable massage gums, the same plastic spoon is not the ideal tableware, not only can not give the baby massage gums, there is a risk of choking, after all, it is too hard. Wooden tableware is also not liked by many mothers, because it is heavy and inconvenient for the baby to use. Cleaning is also difficult, not sufficiently dry, it is easy to wet and moldy.

So what tableware is the most suitable for babies? The answer is already out, is silicone tableware, just like baby silicone suction bowl, silicone adsorption plate, silicone bib, silicone spoon and fork, etc..

Since baby silicone tableware is the right choice for baby tableware, how are traders going to find the products they want to create their own brand?

The answer is to find a reliable silicone tableware manufacturer.

Let's take baby silicone suction bowls as an example.

When choosing a baby silicone suction bowl as your brand, the first step is to find a silicone product manufacturer that you can work with on a consistent basis. You can consider the country where it is located, the brands it has worked with, the size of its factory, the patents and certifications it has received, and its services. In the special field of baby silicone suction bowls, you must choose a safe silicone suction bowl with food grade certification, and consider whether the silicone manufacturer has FDA and LFGB certificates. Next, consider whether the delivery time is fast and on time, whether it has a very large manufacturer and the number of workers.

Of course, service is also important. Do you want to find a partner who can provide you with a complete solution, or a partner who needs you to worry about constantly? I believe you will choose the former. Once you find a partner who can provide a full set of solutions, you only need to provide your ideas, and their professional R & D team will be able to give you a full set of customized solutions, once you are satisfied with this set of solutions, you can focus on building your brand, leave the work to your silicone manufacturer partner, and quietly wait for the arrival of the product at home.

custom silicone bowl
Finding the right silicone product manufacturer as a partner is the first step in building your brand. The second step is to determine the style of your product.

There are many styles and styles of baby silicone suction bowls. There are baby silicone suction bowls, baby silicone straw bowls and baby silicone two-color bowls, and many other styles. After determining your style and style, you can give your thoughts and ideas to the supplier, and the professional team of silicone suction bowl manufacturer will customize a complete package for you.

Here you can briefly introduce the process of customizing baby silicone bowls.

In silicone products, there are a variety of production processes, such as ordinary molding, this process is suitable for single-color products, and multi-color K molding, this is suitable for multi-color silicone tableware, there are also molded plastic package integrated molding, silicone extrusion molding, drip glue multi-color integrated molding, liquid injection molding and solid to liquid molding and many other silicone suction bowl molding processes. A well-equipped manufacturer is basically able to achieve the above processes, and these processes are basically enough to produce all the types of tableware you need.

Once the silicone suction bowl is produced by the above process, it needs surface treatment. There are various surface treatment processes such as silk screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, UV printing - digital printing, laser engraving and surface activation treatment. These surface treatment processes can print your favorite colors, patterns and most importantly, brand logos on the silicone suction bowl.

Custom silicone tableware logo
Once this series is completed, it is time to enter the testing process. Quality testing is a very important part, there are FDA, LFGB, EN 71, F963, EN 1400-1-2, EN 12586-2003, CPC, California 65 and France food material contact test and other certification standards, only to meet the standard baby silicone suction bowl can be sold to the market.

ceretification of silicone suction bowl
After completing the test is the packaging. Many brands need to have their own packaging, silicone manufacturers will also provide a full set of packaging customization program, you also only need to provide ideas is enough, the packaging has a gift box packaging, opp bag packaging and paper box packaging and other packaging.

custom silicone tableware package
This is a overview of custom baby silicone suction bowls.

Whether it is to expand the brand or establish the brand's first step is the product, a good product can be recognized by the market and consumers, win the market before the brand can stand firm. Baby silicone suction bowls and other baby tableware in recent years is also very hot tableware, to expand your brand and business, look for a reliable silicone product manufacturers can long-term cooperation.

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