Fruit Feeder Pacifier: Silicone and Safe

As a baby grows older, its nutritional needs increase.

After 6 months, breast milk and formula milk gradually cannot meet the needs of the baby's growth and development. At this time, "supplementary food" has become a common concern of parents.
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In addition to iron-containing formula rice noodles, meat paste, liver paste, etc. available on the market, many parents also choose to feed their babies fruits. The most common ways to give fruit to babies are scraped purees and fruit slices. The former has requirements on the texture of the fruit, which must be moderately soft and hard and can be scraped into puree. Many fruits are not suitable. The latter is only suitable for fruits that can be sliced and are easy for babies to grasp. There is a potential risk of choking with large pieces of fruit, and this method is also difficult to ensure hygiene.

In recent years, an auxiliary feeding tool called Fruit Feeder Pacifier has appeared, which breaks the traditional feeding method and changes baby feeding from passive to active. It can not only help the baby eat fruit and supplement nutrition, but also act as a teether to exercise the baby's chewing ability when the baby grows deciduous teeth.

What is a fruit feeder pacifier?

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The fruit feeder pacifier is a kind of complementary food feeder for infants and young children. It is generally made of silicone and has a shape similar to a pacifier. It contains a hollow and porous suction nozzle for placing fruit and other complementary food for infants and young children. It is connected to the handle or ring for easy grasping. Apparatus for infants and young children to eat complementary foods by chewing, sucking and swallowing.

The fruit feeder pacifier can be put into various complementary foods such as fruit pieces that have removed hard objects such as fruit cores. The baby chews the silicone pacifier to make the complementary food into liquid, paste or food fines, and then enters through the small hole on the silicone pacifier baby mouth. The mesh on the silicone pacifier not only facilitates the juice, but also prevents large pieces of fruit from entering the mouth directly, effectively avoiding the risk of suffocation.

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The fruit feeder pacifier can not only turn the food into juices and muds that are easy for the baby to swallow and digest, but also enable the baby to easily improve the coordination of the baby's hands and mouth when chewing repeatedly, It has a very good effect on the baby's teething, vocalization and intellectual development, and it can also greatly improve the baby's independence and autonomy.

This process is very similar to the baby using molar sticks and pacifiers. When the baby chews, it not only satisfies the desire to bite, but also massages the gums while absorbing nutrition, relieves the discomfort of teething, and exercises the baby's hand-mouth coordination. Cultivate the baby's ability to eat independently.


Is silicone feeder safe for babies?

In terms of the material of the fruit feeder pacifier, the silicone feeder certified by the FDA or the LFGB can be used with confidence for babies. The silicone feeder is made of 100% food-grade silicone and does not contain harmful substances such as BPA. Silicone feeder can be used normally at a temperature of -40°C-200°C, which means it can be sterilized at high temperature.
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In terms of the size of the fruit feeder pacifier, when using the fruit feeder pacifier for your baby, you should pay attention to choosing a model that is suitable for the baby’s size. An inappropriate silicone feeder may have adverse effects on the baby’s gums, gums, and even newborn deciduous teeth. Generally speaking, the small size silicone feeder is suitable for 4-month-old babies, while the large size is suitable for 6-month-old babies.

What month can baby use fruit pacifier?

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It is recommended to start using fruit feeder pacifier when the baby is about 4 to 6 months old. The supplementary food is generally added after the baby is 4 months old, and the breastfed baby can be around 6 months old. Disassemble and clean the fruit feeder pacifier before use. It can be sterilized by steam or boiling for 3-5 minutes. Because it is made of 100% food-grade silicone material, it can accept the temperature of -40°C-200°C, so the whole fruit feeder pacifier Can be sterilized.

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