How did you deal with your child teething?

When your baby is six months old, it's time for baby teeth to erupt. Babies at this stage will often cry because of swollen gums and itchy gums. Parents are also anxious, especially novice parents are at a loss.

All the discomforts of the baby during this period of deciduous teeth will not end immediately, but will last for a while. Some babies will relieve their discomfort by chewing on collars or quilts, but after all, collars and quilts are textiles, which will not only absorb bacteria left in saliva, but also have a bad impact on the baby's oral hygiene. Some babies will suck their fingers to massage their gums and distract their attention to relieve pain. After a long time, the skin of their fingers will be worn out, and the baby will cry more and more.

At this point some parents may have found a way.

Some parents will use molar sticks for their babies, some parents will use pacifiers for their babies, and some parents will even go to the hospital to seek help from doctors.

Let's talk about the toothbrush first. Many teething sticks are edible, and they taste pretty much like biscuits when chewed. But it is worth mentioning that although the molar stick can relieve the baby's swollen gums, but because it is a baked product of cakes, if there is an accident during the biting process, the baby is likely to be in danger of suffocation.

Let’s talk about the pacifier. Although the pacifier can meet the needs of the baby’s oral desire period, after all, the teething period will last for a period of time. If the pacifier is used for a long time, on the one hand, because the child keeps sucking the pacifier, the salivary glands are continuously stimulated. Secretion, it is easy to cause the loss of many digestive enzymes.

Second, due to sucking the pacifier, the child will eat too much gas, which will easily cause the child's abdominal distension, and in severe cases, it can cause intestinal spasm. Third, the child sucks the pacifier repeatedly. If the pacifier is not cleaned in time or thoroughly, it is easy to cause contamination of the pacifier. In addition, the child's immune system is not yet fully developed, so it is easy to cause some infectious diseases. Fourth, sucking a pacifier continuously for a long time may easily cause the child's teeth to be arranged irregularly, and the upper and lower jaws and teeth to protrude and develop outward. This is not only detrimental to the occlusion of the child's teeth in the future, but also affects the appearance of the child's face. Some experts even believe that babies who use pacifiers for a long time can easily cause otitis media.

Since molar sticks and pacifiers are not good, then the doctor must be reliable. At this time, we need to be clear about the fact that baby teething is an inevitable stage of growth, not a certain disease, so doctors may only give some suggestions for relief, but cannot fundamentally treat it.

In fact, there is also a baby must-have product that has the best of both worlds-baby silicone teether.

What are silicone teethers made of?

Silicone teethers are made of 100% food-grade silicone material and do not contain BPA. Let me explain that BPA is a harmful substance that can easily lead to premature puberty in children. So how to confirm the safety of baby silicone teether? The baby silicone teether certified by FDA and LFGB is safe for babies in terms of material and design, without material risk and choking risk.

What types of baby silicone teethers are there?

baby rattle silicone teetherRattle teether

water filled silicone teether for babyWater filled teether

Gamepad silicone teether for babyToy teether

glove silicone teether for baby
Glove teether

Hot Baby Silicone Teethers in 2023

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
1. Material safety
Food grade silicone, FDA certified, BPA free

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
2. Rich colors
Help Babies Learn Colors

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
3. Easy to clean
Autoclavable, freezer and dishwasher safe

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
4. Multi-touch design
Teether including brush, hollow out, tongue scraper. Let the baby have a different feeling every time he bites

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
5. Various gutta-percha textures
Each handle has multiple textures to soothe, massage, stimulate and clean baby's gums.

wholesale baby silicone teether in 2023 OEM ODM
Color, size, packaging and LOGO can be customized

Welcome to consult baby silicone teether OEM and ODM services, provide a full set of customized solutions, you just need to tell us the idea, you can focus on building your brand, the rest to our professional team.

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