Is Baby Silicone Tableware Safe?

When the baby is at the age of adding complementary food, as a mother, in addition to studying the practice of complementary food, there is another very important preparation work, that is, how to choose one or even several different types of tableware.

From the time when the baby eats complementary food, he chooses special tableware for the child, but there is a lot of knowledge in the choice of small tableware:

  1. Sharper forks, spoons, etc., which may cause trauma;
  2. Glass and ceramic tableware are easy to break if children can't hold them firmly;
  3. There are holes in some tableware, and the child's tiny fingers can just fit in, and it is easy to pinch or scratch if not careful;
  4. Children's skin is more sensitive than that of adults. When choosing tableware, you must pay attention to its thermal conductivity and be alert to children's burns;
Silicone products are also widely used. The main feature is that it is very soft and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about stabbing your baby. It is also resistant to high temperatures, and can reduce heat dissipation from tableware and delay the loss of food temperature.

Silicone is not plastic, it can withstand high temperatures above 250 degrees, it is drop-resistant, waterproof, non-stick, and it is not easy to chemically react with external substances. Nowadays, many baby products are made of silicone raw materials, such as pacifiers, baby spoons, placemats, and aprons. Pocket and so on.
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Silicone products are products made of silica gel materials. There are many tableware made of silica gel as raw materials on the market, such as silicone spoons, silicone bowls and chopsticks, etc., especially for friends with infants and children at home. What we are most worried about is the health of the material, so silicone tableware has a competitive advantage in this area. As parents, there is no need for children to accidentally knock over the tableware to the ground, resulting in cracking and damage, and there will be no debris. The problem.

1. Is silicone tableware safe?

Silicone tableware has gradually entered the public life. Is the silicone tableware poisonous?
Silica gel is also divided into ordinary silica gel and food-grade silica gel. Ordinary silica gel is mainly used in other products, such as industry and electronics, using ordinary translucent silica gel raw materials and ordinary vulcanization process.

Certification of silicone baby tableware
The silicone raw material used for platinum silicone is highly transparent, and the platinum vulcanizing agent is used in the vulcanization process. It will not turn yellow or deform after long-term use, and the safety performance is more prominent. It is efficient and odorless, and has a long service life. protrude.
What is certain is that products that meet the relevant standards must be non-toxic, unless the silicone product manufacturers use non-compliant compounds in the production process and cause product safety problems, so if you want to buy silicone tableware, you can find KEAN silicone products manufacturers There is no safety problem in the production of silicone tableware that meets the relevant regulations. All silicone products have passed FDA safety testing. You must choose 100% food-grade silicone tableware for babies. Good silicone products will not change color when twisted. White traces indicate that the silica gel is impure.

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2.The advantages of silicone tableware:

1. Silicone tableware is made of food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.
2. Silicone tableware can be folded, kneaded, turned over, etc. It does not take up space when placed, and it will not absorb oil stains. It itself has the function of a desiccant, so it will not become moldy due to long-term storage.
3. Silicone tableware is well matched with the temperature of the food. Whether the food is cold or hot, silicone tableware can protect the temperature of the food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in the silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and it will not transfer the temperature to the user, so it is not easy to burn hands.
4. Compared with ceramics, the biggest feature of silicone tableware is that it is resistant to falling, and there will be no noise when it falls on the ground. The ceramic tableware commonly used by Chinese people is good for everything, but it is fragile. Although plastic tableware can withstand being dropped, but the hardness of plastic is high, there may be cracks and cracks after being dropped. Silicone tableware can be dropped casually without worrying about damage.
5. Good heat resistance. Silicone has good temperature resistance, it can not deform or deteriorate at a high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius, and it will not harden at -40 degrees Celsius, so you can use it for steaming, boiling, baking, etc.
6. Silicone tableware is easy to clean. Because silica gel does not stick to oil and does not absorb oil stains, it is easy to clean.
7. There are many colors and shapes. Many colors can be adjusted according to the needs of users, and tableware of various shapes can be shaped.

3. Can the silicone dinner plate be heated in a microwave oven?

Silicone has the characteristic of heat resistance, it can withstand high temperature of 240°C without deformation, and it will not harden at -40°C, so this is a product that serves multiple purposes and is very practical. We can put them in the microwave oven casually without classification, without worrying about melting, aging and yellowing, and we can safely put them in the microwave oven to heat food.

silicone plate is microwave oven safe

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