Is it Ok to Store Breast Milk in Silicone?

Breast milk is a fresh, living food that, in addition to its nutritional content, has many antioxidant, antibacterial, probiotic and immune-boosting properties for your baby. While these nutritional and health properties change with how and how long it is stored, there is good evidence that breast milk storage is safe and remains the gold standard for infant feeding when direct breastfeeding is not possible. So how to choose the right milk storage bag?

Is it safe to store breast milk in silicone?

During the heating process of breast milk, if the material of the milk storage bag is not safe enough, it will release toxic substances, which may affect the baby's health, so it is necessary to ensure that the materials used in the breast milk bag are non-toxic and harmless.

Food-grade silicone materials that can pass FDA and LFGB certification, can withstand high temperatures of 250°C, and are generally used in baby pacifiers, baby products, medical supplies and electronic products.
Wholesale silicone breast milk storage bags
This new silicone breast milk storage bag, which was born in December 2022, was independently developed by the R&D team of KEAN silicone manufacturer. It was favored by many consumers immediately after its release.
Food-grade silicone breast milk storage bags manufacturer
This silicone breast milk storage bag is made of colorless, odorless, non-toxic liquid silicone (LSR), BPA-free and safe material.

The material of silicone milk storage bags is relatively soft, it will not break easily like glass, and it will not crack easily after being placed in the refrigerator like disposable milk storage bags. Lightweight and durable, not easy to age, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and reusable.
Wholesale silicone breast milk storage bags
At the same time, the softness of the silicone material determines that the silicone breast milk bags can be rolled up, making it easy to carry around or store at home.

As for specific advice on breast milk storage

  1. Usually at room temperature (around 25°C), breast milk can be stored for about 4 hours. If the baby can drink milk within 4 hours, it can be stored at room temperature.
  2. Keep it in an ice pack, and store fresh breast milk in a silicone breast milk storage bag for up to 24 hours.
  3. In the refrigerated state, studies have shown that breast milk can be stored for 48-72 hours at around 4°C. However, if the refrigerator is turned on and off, the temperature will be unstable, so it is best not to exceed 12-24 hours.
  4. Under the freezing condition of minus 18 ℃, breast milk can be stored for 3-6 months.
  5. Frozen at low temperature (minus 20°C), breast milk can be stored for 6-12 months, but it is best to use frozen breast milk within 6 months.
  6. Try to place it as close to the inside of the refrigerator as possible, not near the door. Because during the repeated opening and closing of the door, temperature fluctuations will affect the quality of frozen breast milk.

The refrigerator also needs to meet the following conditions

  1. Need to maintain a constant low temperature: excessive temperature fluctuations will affect the taste and quality of breast milk;
  2. There is a closed sterile space: it is directly mixed with other ingredients in the refrigerator, which is prone to odors and even bacterial contamination.

How to disinfect silicone breast milk storage bag?

  1. Hot water. If the silicone breast milk storage bag is used on the same day, it can be scalded with boiling water two or three times immediately after feeding to avoid residual milk, which can play a disinfection role.
  2. Boil and wash. If the local temperature is relatively high, it needs to be boiled once a day for 5-10 minutes to effectively kill bacteria and play a disinfection role.
  3. Use professional disinfection cupboards. If you have a disinfection cupboard at home, you can also wash the silicone breast milk storage bag with water after use, and then put it in the disinfection cupboard to also play a disinfection role.

How to clean silicone breast milk bags
The silicone breast milk storage bag made of food-grade silicone can be used normally at a temperature of -40°C~200°C. This means that the silicone breast milk storage bag can accept breast milk frozen at -20°C for 6-12 months, and can also be sterilized at high temperature.

Which container is best for storing breast milk?

Is there any smell

Which breast milk bags are the best? silicone breast milk bags

I am very concerned about the smell, especially if the breast milk is in direct contact with the milk storage bag, it is even more careful. The food-grade silicone breast milk storage bag has no peculiar smell and can be used with confidence.

Tick mark, information mark

silicone breast milk bags manfacturer

The scale line and information marking area on the milk storage bag should be clear and complete, so that mothers can mark and understand the milk storage information.

Convenience of storing milk

Wholesale silicone breast milk bags

The inlet and outlet are separated. If the inlet and outlet are the same, there may be bacterial contamination. It is best to use a milk storage bag with the inlet and outlet separated, and the sanitation is better. The capacity of the milk storage bag, the softness and hardness of the bag, the size of the inlet and outlet, etc. will all affect the convenience of pouring and pouring out the milk, which is also the most concerned issue when we use the milk storage bag.

Sealing effect

silicone breast milk bags manufacturer

Milk storage bags made of poor materials are easy to break after freezing

Storage convenience

silicone breast milk bags manufacturer

The milk storage bag is placed vertically to avoid being squeezed by other supplies, and it is not easy to spill when filling and pouring milk. At the same time, when reheating, a milk storage bag that can be placed upright can reduce the risk of water contamination of the seal and milk leakage.


Q: What size is the silicone breast milk storage bag?

A: 101*57*174mm 102*57*64mm (Folded)

Q: What is the capacity of silicone breast milk storage bag?

A: 240ml/8floz

Q: How to inquiry silicone breast milk storage bag?

A: Wholesale silicone breast milk storage bag. OEM/ODM are welcome. Welcome to consult our Email

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