Is Silicone Tableware Safe For Microwave?

What are the advantages of silicone tableware?  And is it safe for microwave?
The answer is 100% safe for microwave.
Baby silicone feeding bowl safe for microwave

The choice of baby tableware gives many novice parents a headache, but if you think about it carefully, the most common materials for baby tableware are plastic, ceramic, glass and silicone.

Let’s talk about glass and ceramic tableware first. The baby tableware made of these two materials is easier to break, and the baby likes to move around when eating, and it is easy to knock over the tableware. If it is accidentally broken, it is very dangerous for the baby.Although plastic tableware does not need to worry about the danger of babies breaking, its material itself is very dangerous and cannot be used at high temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, so it cannot be used for heating, and it is even more dangerous if it is made of inferior materials.

silicone baby tableware safe for microwave
And silicone tableware does not need to worry about the baby will break, even if the silicone tableware burns, there will be no toxic gas, unlike plastic tableware, which will produce pungent toxic gas at high temperature. Therefore, in recent years, silicone tableware has gradually replaced tableware made of other materials and has become more and more popular.

Let's talk about the advantages of silicone material first.

The advantages of silicone material can be embodied in that it is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and degradable material, durable, and silicone tableware can be molded into various cute shapes.
baby cute silicone spoon safe for microwave
The soft nature of silicone itself will not cause any damage even if it is dropped and knocked to the ground.

Silica gel also has good insulation, does not absorb or release heat, can retain the temperature of the food itself, and plays the role of heat insulation, unlike ceramics, stainless steel and other tableware that have heat conduction and heat dissipation. Using these tableware not only the food cools quickly, and when the food is overheated, it will be hot. These are not negligible for the baby. It is very important for babies who eat slowly if they can keep the residual temperature of the food. The baby's stomach is still relatively sensitive, and eating cold food can easily stimulate the stomach and cause discomfort.
baby silicone bowl safe for microwave

It is worth mentioning that due to its characteristics, silica gel does not stick to oil or absorb oil, and it has the nature of a desiccant, so it can be stored in a dining cabinet or drawer without worrying about the growth of bacteria, so that babies can eat healthier and more environmentally friendly.
baby silicone plate safe for microwave
The last and most important point is that the silicone feeding tableware is made of food-grade platinum silicone material, which has passed the US FDA and European LFGB certification, so it can be used with confidence.

So why are silicone feeding bowls, feeding plates, and silicone cups all microwaveable?

The first and most direct reason is that when the silicone tableware is produced and processed, it is molded at a high temperature of about 200 degrees, which is enough to show that the silicone can adapt to a sufficiently high temperature environment, because it was born under "high temperature".

Baby silicone snack catcher

The second reason starts from a chemical point of view. Silicone chains consist of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. Ordinary silica gel mainly contains methyl groups and a small amount of vinyl siloxane chains. The introduction of phenyl groups can improve the high temperature and low temperature resistance of silica gel. After the silicone is vulcanized, the performance is greatly improved. The temperature resistance of silicone material is closely related to its variety, vinyl content (crosslinking density), heat-resistant agent, type and amount of filler, and the pH value and water content of rubber mixing are closely related to its temperature resistance. At the same time, the selection of raw rubber polymerization catalyst, the neutralization of residual catalyst, the filling of silica and the selection of structure control agent are also important factors affecting the temperature resistance of silica gel.
Baby silicone water and snack cup safe for microwave

The above is enough to show that baby silicone tableware can be used in a high temperature environment. Silicone can withstand a high temperature of 240°C, while the highest temperature of a microwave oven can only be heated to 100°C. Therefore, baby tableware can be heated in the microwave oven completely, and it is very safe.

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