Silicone VS Plastic, Which Bowl is Better for Babies?

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Why silicone is better than plastic

Silicone is a kind of amorphous silicon dioxide, the main component is silicon dioxide, silica does not react with any substance, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, extremely stable chemical properties. Silicone itself is a very environmentally friendly material that is reusable and very safe.

silicone material

Plastic is a material extracted from crude oil, which is not easily decomposed and has a wide range of applications.

Silicone bowls are safer. Silicone bowl is colorless, tasteless, without any irritating odor, insoluble in liquid and solid, insoluble in any substance, stable, resistant to high and low temperatures -40 to 260 degrees or so, and good drop resistance.

baby silicone bowl

In the process of using silicone bowls for babies, the high temperature resistance can prevent the baby from being burned. Silicone has anti-drop and anti-collision function, will not fall and bruise is its biggest advantage, long service life, aging life lasting, long-term use is not easy to deformation.

The disadvantages of plastic is also obvious, plastic material is not only heat-resistant and heat and a smell, if you have to buy plastic tableware, then you must choose pp material, but it should be noted that this material plastic tableware heat-resistant temperature of only a hundred degrees, so pay attention not to directly put the plastic bowl directly into the pot for steaming.

Are silicone bowls safe for babies

The 100% food grade silicone material is non-toxic, tasteless and high temperature resistant, and can be made into silicone bowls for use.

baby silicone bowl

Silicone bowl compared to ceramic, plastic and hardware tableware, thermal conductivity is not strong, good heat insulation, not easy to burn hands, convenient for baby use. And silicone bowl can be used for a long time through high-temperature boiling sterilization, can also be placed in the microwave heating food, even in the case of high temperature, will not produce toxic substances and harmful gases, the baby's health will not be a threat. At the same time, silicone bowl texture is lighter, softer, and fall-resistant, non-slip, baby in use without worrying about falling crack, but also better grip. Silicone bowls are usually also designed with a suction cup at the bottom, which can be firmly attached to the dining table or high chair to prevent falling off.

How to clean silicone baby bowl

After buying silicone tableware, before using it for the first time, it is best to rinse it with water, because silicone products with a little static electricity, so in the process of transportation, it may be covered with a lot of dust, you can use a relatively soft cotton dishwasher or sponge dish towel to clean, wash and dry it and put it in a ventilated place to dry, cover it with a lid to prevent it from absorbing dust particles in the air again. For that matter, it is recommended to buy a silicone bowl with a dust cover.

By the way, we usually wash dishes must be dry or dry dishes before putting them in the cupboard, if the water left on the silicone bowl is easy to breed microbes.

After the usual meal, the dishwashing process is actually very simple, because the silicone tableware does not absorb oil, so the simple oil stains with a little rinse of water will be washed away.

how to clean baby silicone bowl

Some silicone tableware used for a long time, will feel a layer of sticky surface, because although every time you wash the dishes water rinse is good, but over time, because the silicone molecules between the gaps hidden in the oil, it is difficult to wash off.

And silicone is also divided into ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone, ordinary silicone is mainly used in other products, such as industrial and electronic fields, using ordinary translucent silicone raw materials and ordinary vulcanization process.

And platinum silicone with silicone raw materials is highly transparent, and in the vulcanization process is used in the platinum vulcanizing agent, long-term use will not appear yellowing, deformation phenomenon, safety performance is more prominent, efficient and tasteless, long service life, the performance is outstanding.

To prevent this from happening, I often put the silicone tableware in water with detergent for 10-30 minutes and then wash it, and I disinfect it regularly, and it's easy to disinfect it by steaming and boiling it in a pot. Some homes have bottle sterilizers that can be UV sterilized, and silicone dishes can be put in for sterilization.

In addition, the same food-grade silicone has different product quality according to different testing standards.

Silicone bowls that have passed FDA and LFGB certification are safe and reliable, and the quality is relatively high.

Are silicone bowls microwave safe

Silicone products manufacturers produce silicone bowls of room temperature molding processing temperature between 180-200 degrees, its conventional temperature resistant environment between 220-260 degrees, in the instant 1000 degrees high temperature situation will not have any effect, so it is completely okay to enter the microwave oven, and silicone material belongs to the highly reactive substances it is stable, basically will not conflict with any substances occurring chemical reaction.

infant baby silicone bowl microwave safe

In summary, the baby food-grade silicone bowl can be put in the microwave oven, food-grade silicone heat resistance is good, heating will not let the silicone bowl deformation, but also will not produce toxic substances, the baby's body is harmless.

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