The Ultimate Guide to Silicone Bowls

Is Silicone Safe for Babies

For babies, silicone baby products safety is important.

Silicone is made of polymer environmentally friendly food-grade silicone raw materials, does not contain bisphenol A, food-grade silicone baby products non-toxic tasteless, non-irritating skin, etc.. Compared with plastic, silicone products have the advantage of soft material and safety for children.

food-grade silicone bowl for baby

In terms of performance, the silicone bowl is made of environmentally friendly food-grade silicone raw material after high temperature 200 degrees processing hot pressing molding, and then after the second vulcanization 100% can meet the FDA food-grade testing and certification standards. FDA certified baby silicone products are not easy to break, have excellent tear strength, good resilience, heat and aging resistance.

Silicone baby products are currently one of the dominant products in the daily necessities industry and are also one of the most sought-after products in Europe and the United States.

Why Baby Silicone Bowl

Baby silicone bowl products use materials made of food-grade silicone raw materials, non-toxic and harmless, green, high and low temperature resistance, anti-drop and friction.

Some of the plastic tableware, when encountering high temperatures will volatilize toxic substances, or emit unpleasant odors. The silicone bowl will not, it can be put in a pot with boiling water sterilization, can also be put into the microwave heating, will not be deformed, emit odor and play toxic substances.

silicone bowl for baby

Another benefit of the baby silicone bowl is that it is very well insulated, even though it is pouring boiling water inside the bowl, the outside temperature of the silicone bowl is lower than the human body temperature, so it will not burn the baby's hands, chest or mouth.

The third advantage of silicone bowls is that they are soft and will not be damaged or deformed no matter how they are dropped. More importantly, the baby will have the habit of biting cutlery when eating, if the use of hard material bowl, then there is damage to the baby's teeth.

silicone suction bowl for baby

Finally, the bottom of the baby silicone bowl with suction cups, can be silicone bowl firmly adsorbed on the baby dining table and chair, let the baby dragging will not fall, to the baby to learn to eat independently to create a good environment.

How to Clean a Silicone Bowl

Before using the baby silicone bowl for the first time, rinse it with water, you can use a softer cotton dish towel or sponge dish towel to clean it, wash it dry and put it in a ventilated place to dry, cover it to prevent it from absorbing dust particles in the air.

For after-dinner cleaning, soak the greasy silicone bowl in water with mild detergent for 10-30 minutes and then wash it, or put it directly in the dishwasher.

It is recommended to disinfect your baby's silicone bowl on a regular basis, and the disinfection method is simple, just put it directly into a pot and steam or boil it for 5 minutes. Because the food-grade silicone material is heat-resistant and BPA-free, there is no need to worry about the release of toxic substances.

How to Remove Smell From Silicone

Many mothers the most headache is that after a long time, silicone bowls will also produce odor like other tableware. Silicone itself is odorless, so how to make silicone bowls back to a completely flavorless state? In fact, there are many ways to effectively remove the odor on the silicone bowl, listed below are a few of the most effective methods from many mothers summed up.

 baby silicone bowl

  1. Leave the silicone bowl exposed to the air for 2-3 days and the smell will naturally dissipate.
  2. Soak the silicone bowl in boiling water for 2-3 hours for most of the smell to dissipate.
  3. Soak in salt water with vinegar, soak for about ten minutes to take out the basic taste.
  4. Put it in the oven and bake it for half an hour at 150 degrees Celsius to remove the odor efficiently.

Can you Microwave Silicone Bowls

As long as the silicone bowl is produced by regular manufacturers according to the standard production process and meet the testing standards, it is BPA-free and high temperature resistant. It can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. It can be heated normally in the microwave oven, oven, and can also be disinfected in the dishwasher at high temperatures.

So how to tell if it is qualified silicone bowl? There are several methods:

  1. Look at the product description of the silicone bowl whether the raw materials for food-grade silicone material, and whether the FDA and LFGB certification, food-grade silicone bowls with FDA and LFGB certification is safe and can be disinfected at high temperatures.
  2. Smell the odor of the silicone bowl. If you come close and smell a pungent odor, then the silicone bowl may be made of inferior material or the baking time of the secondary vulcanization does not meet the standard.
  3. Pull the silicone bowl with force, once there is a serious whitening phenomenon at the pull, then it can be judged as a poor quality silicone bowl. After pulling hard based on maintaining the color of the silicone bowl, then the material is better.

How to Manufacture Silicone Bowls

Before the production of silicone bowls need to be 3D drawing, the designer design the product 3D drawing, determine the design draft, accurate size, to facilitate the master to complete the mold opening, a series of production steps below.

The mold opening is done by the mold maker who makes the layout drawing as well as the parting line and how to come out of the mold according to the designed drawing, and then the mold is opened.

Once the mold is opened, the production of silicone bowls begins. There are two main production processes: liquid injection molding and solid molding.

After the production of silicone bowls is completed, strict quality inspection is required, this link directly affects the use of silicone bowls out of the warehouse after the consumer. So when choosing a silicone manufacturer must be strictly screened quality inspection team professional and rigorous, after all, product quality will directly affect your brand and product return rate.

After the quality inspection is completed, the silicone bowl will be baked. Baking is a necessary process for manufacturing silicone bowls to ensure the quality of silicone bowls.

After the above series of processes are completed, the silicone bowls are packaged and then sent to the warehouse to await shipment for transport to the customer.

Final Words

Silicone bowls are a great helper for growing babies, have many advantages, are easy to clean, and can be heated directly in the microwave and oven. But choosing a qualified silicone bowl is a learning curve, and you need to find a credible and reliable silicone bowl manufacturer first.

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