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In recent years, due to people's emphasis on environmental protection, the team advocating for environmental protection in the world has become increasingly strong. The demand for silicone, an environmentally friendly raw material, has rapidly expanded, and many products made of silicone have also appeared in the market, including silicone tableware, silicone water bottles, baby silicone pacifiers, silicone teething toys, and many other silicone daily necessities. Silicone baby plates are also a choice for many mothers.

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What is a silicone plate?

Silicone plates are made of food grade platinum silicone, an environmentally friendly synthetic material containing oxygen, carbon, silicon, and hydrogen. They are non-toxic, safe, and easy to clean, and can replace traditional plates such as plastic or stainless steel. Food grade silicone material must be FDA certified. The baby plates made of it are not only non-toxic and safe, but also lightweight and heat-resistant, making them suitable for babies who are learning to eat independently. In addition, the silicone plates designed for babies have many cute shapes, such as elephant and cartoon kitty shapes, which add a hint of childlike charm to the baby's childhood and also attract the baby's attention to eating, helping mothers solve the problem of worrying about their baby not eating well.

silicone plate for baby

In various countries, silicone plates have become the choice for many mothers to use as learning utensils for their babies. Baby silicone plates are not only made of safe materials, cute shapes, heat-resistant and resistant to falling, but can also be adsorbed on the dining table and baby high chairs. The strong suction cup at the bottom firmly adsorbs and fixes the treasure plate, without worrying about the trouble caused by the plate being overturned by the baby.

The benefits of using silicone plates?

Parents are concerned about their baby's safety, and choosing a baby plate is crucial in considering factors such as safety, health, and dining experience.

One of the main advantages of food grade silicone plates is safety, soft and resistant to falling, and BPA free.

What is BPA?

Let's take a look at what CNN Health says about BPA.

One of the most studied bisphenols, BPA is a known endocrine disruptor, capable of altering hormones in the body. Fetuses and babies are especially vulnerable: BPA has been linked to fetal abnormalities, low birth weight, and brain and behavior disorders in infants and children .

In adults, BPA has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and erectile dysfunction.

“BPA is a synthetic estrogen, and sex hormones shape nearly every bodily function during fetal development,” Trasande told CNN.

“BPA also contributes to inflammation and disrupts immune function. So there’s a number of patterns that could fit the story,” he added.

  • If the plate contains BPA, when the plate is heated in the microwave or high-temperature food is placed, the BPA inside the plate will be released and infiltrated into the food.
  • When using plastic plates with relatively hard materials, if the plates crack, it is very easy to cut the baby's mouth, posing a safety hazard.
  • If using a glass plate, for a toddler, it means always keeping safety hazards by their side.
  • The lightweight and soft material of the silicone plate determines its resistance to falling.

Because baby silicone plates are non-toxic and BPA free, they can be safely used by babies.

food-grade silicone suction plate is BPA free

Using silicone plates for babies is not only non-toxic and safe, but it can also avoid the shock caused by breaking glass plates and prevent premature puberty caused by the BPA contained in plastic plates. In addition, silicone plates have a long service life and can be reused for a long time, which not only saves household expenses but also reduces a lot of garbage to the world.

What are the advantages of silicone plates?

As mentioned earlier, one major advantage of baby silicone plates is their safety. But besides safety, it also has many advantages.

Convenient for outdoor carrying

It is common to take your baby and family on outings, picnics, or trips. If you are traveling with ceramics or glass products, you need to constantly worry about glass and ceramic breakage during driving and traveling.

  • The silicone plate material is lightweight, and it will not add too much extra burden on the belt at any time, making it more enjoyable to carry out a picnic.
  • Silicone plates are anti drop, so you don't have to worry about them breaking during the journey, making travel more reassuring and relaxed.

Heat resistance

When silicone plates are manufactured, they are baked at high temperatures and silicone plates are resistant to temperatures of -40°C to 240°C.

The heat resistance of silicone plates dictates that they can be heated in a microwave oven. Compared to glass, plastic and ceramic, silicone is more stable when heated and is less likely to deform and get particularly hot. In contrast, glass and ceramic can easily burn your hands when heated, and plastic products also tend to deform when heated for a long time.

Because babies are slow eaters, the food gets cold as they eat. Especially in winter time, babies' intestines are easily irritated when they eat something cold. A heat-resistant baby dish is a great boon, when all you need to do is heat the dish with the food in the microwave, which is a great convenience for mums.

Another tip is that when a baby dish has been used for a long time, simply bake it in the oven for a while and it will be as clean and odourless as if it was new.

Dishwasher safe

What makes silicone plates stand out even more is that they can be washed in the dishwasher with confidence.

Because of their smooth surface and soft texture, silicone plates will not deform or scratch in the dishwasher, will not change their nature significantly and will not emit toxic gases or substances.

Unlike glass and porcelain bowls, which break easily, silicone plates are in fact particularly suitable for washing in the dishwasher without the fear that it will accidentally break during dishwasher operation. However, when putting silicone cutlery in the dishwasher, it is advisable to avoid putting it with sharp knives, as this can easily scratch and cause it to have damage.

  • Plastic plates are prone to degeneration, cracking or fading when washed in the dishwasher.
  • When the dishwasher goes into the high temperature sterilisation section, ordinary plastic plates are quickly released once they contain BPA.
  • Plates such as glass ceramic are at risk of breaking and cracking easily when rinsed quickly in the dishwasher.

Washing silicone dishes by hand is a very simple and easy task. Squeeze some cleaner directly onto the surface of the silicone dish, scrub it slightly and rinse it in running water to thoroughly clean it of dirt, oil and grease.


The soft material of the silicone tray allows it to be thrown from high altitudes or near high temperatures without any problems. It can also be reused an unlimited number of times and has a long service life. Do you know how long a silicone tray can last at most?

Easy drying

Because of the non-absorbent nature of the silicone material, the silicone plate stays dry within seconds after cleaning.

What are the unique designs of baby silicone plates?

We all know that babies' worlds are colourful and science shows that cute tableware can boost their appetite and keep them healthy.

Rich colours

Children's tableware can be designed in brighter colours, as this attracts children's attention better and also stimulates their nerves, thus facilitating movement as well as the turning of their minds and the development of their brains.

colorful silicone plate set

Silicone plates have just this particular advantage, and manufacturers produce baby silicone plates in a wide range of colours through a variety of processes, making silicone products more colourful and competitive.

There are usually several methods of colour mixing: solution colour mixing, mixing colour mixing, dry powder colour mixing, colour paste colour mixing and granule colour mixing. The colours of the silicone plates can be modulated in any way you want, and any colour you want can be customised at the manufacturer.

Shapes and sizes

The bright colours and cute cartoon shapes will directly stimulate babies' visual organs and attract their attention. Driven by the strong curiosity, the baby may take the initiative to ask to eat on their own, which is good to develop their hands-on ability.

cute silicone plate set for baby

Before producing and manufacturing the silicone plates, the engineers will 3D draw, then open the mould for customisation, and finally the liquid injection moulding machine will produce the complete silicone plates according to the model. Baby silicone plates come in a variety of cute shapes, including elephant plates, kitty plates, duck plates and bunny plates. The more creative the plate, the more competitive it is for traders, supermarkets and brands. Silicone ODM manufacturers are able to customise the shape they want and have their own brand logo engraved.

Suction cups at the bottom

If the baby easily pulls the plate during the meal, the food will be scattered everywhere. If it were glass or ceramic, it would be even worse, I don't know how many plates need to be consumed.

The good news is that the baby silicone suction plate is specially designed for babies with a suction cup at the bottom that attaches securely to the baby's highchair or dining table, which creates a safe environment for independent learning to eat and a convenience for mothers.

baby suction plate

At the end of the meal, the plate can be easily picked up by gently tugging on the small handle at the bottom.


When the baby's hands and brain are underdeveloped, it can be difficult for them to use a spoon to drink liquid food such as soup or milk from the plate on their own. This is where the design of the straw on the baby's plate comes in handy, as it makes it easy to suck up the food on the plate.

silicone suction plate with straw for baby

The straw is good for baby's own learning, on the one hand because it fosters autonomy and the joy of eating on your baby's own. The other benefit is that it is a good exercise in hand-eye-mouth coordination.

In the daily eating routine babies use the straw plate to exercise their arm muscles as well as their stability through hand-holding exercises.

How do B2B buyers or brand owners choose silicone manufacturer and silicone plates?

In China, we often meet many foreign friends who ask how to find reliable silicone manufacturers and products. This is a very important question indeed, choosing a good manufacturer will help your brand building and trade business. So how do you need to go about choosing a reliable manufacturer in China?


By looking at the products is a direct way of judging a manufacturer's capabilities. Through the quality, design, style, frequency of updates and patent certification of the products, you can probably tell the strength and team level of the silicone manufacturer, especially the manufacturer's quality control team and design team.

Manufacturer scale

When you find a silicone manufacturer, you will probably look at its address details to see if it is genuine, followed by its industry experience, generally speaking OEM & ODM manufacturers with more than 12 years of industry experience are considered very experienced.

Immediately afterwards, when you are ready to place a very large order, the first consideration will be the degree of price concessions, followed by the delivery time.

When a manufacturer reaches a certain scale, they can design their own products, develop their own moulds and manufacture their own products, these three links can save a lot of costs, the cost savings also means that the product price will be cheaper and more favourable than other manufacturers. Secondly, when the manufacturers reach a very large scale and the number of workers is right enough, the delivery time will not be very long and can achieve on-time delivery, which is a very desired result for both e-commerce sellers and traders.

Services of the producer

The service of the producer is also an important factor that should not be overlooked.

  • When you are strong enough, you may want to find manufacturers who support underwriting sole sales and directly underwrite the sales of a region.
  • When you are a brand owner, whether you do your own brand in e-commerce or a brand flagship shop in an offline shop, you will want to find silicone manufacturers who support OEM and ODM to directly mass produce your own brand products or customise products that belong exclusively to your own brand.
  • When you are a superstore or trader, you may need to find a wholesale manufacturer who can provide you with quality products at a good price directly and develop a long-term partnership.

When a silicone manufacturer includes all of these services at the same time, it is proof of its strength, so a manufacturer with this advantage is actually very trustworthy. The number of people on the service team and the quality of the service are all factors worth considering. A good service team can help you with 95% of your doubts, the remaining 5% is your decision making and can give you solutions that fit your business. Allowing you to strive for maximum profit at a cost saving.


Silicone plates have gradually become a popular product because of their safety, health and convenience. They are also a must-have for baby tableware because of their colourful, varied styles and careful design with bottom suction cups and straws. B2B traders in China need to keep their eyes open and choose the right manufacturers to source reliable products to develop a long term partnership.

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