What About Silicone Collapsible Water Bottle?

People need a lot of hydration after exercise, many people will bring their own water bottles, but whether stainless steel bottles, glass bottles or plastic bottles, there is the same problem: hard to carry.

Outdoor water bottle

So many people choose disposable plastic water bottles, but we all know that disposable water bottles are used up and thrown away, each person throw a plastic water bottle, over time, it causes the environmental burden of the Earth. We all know that plastic bottles take more than 100 years to degrade in nature. When the earth is devastated by a large amount of non-degradable garbage, this image is something that I believe we do not want to see.

There is good news for you, is that you can choose silicone collapsible water bottle.

What is a silicone collapsible water bottle?

With the gradual maturity of the silicone process, silicone products gradually into everyone's life, like baby feeding tableware, pacifiers and other things that give direct contact with the baby are made of silicone. Silicone collapsible water bottle is made of 100% food-grade platinum silicone material, the same level of material as the baby's pacifier, does not contain BPA and other harmful substances, especially safe for humans. Because of the special nature of silicone material, silicone water bottle material is very soft, and then through a special process, made into a collapsible outdoor sports water bottle. Silicone collapsible water bottle is recyclable, unlike ordinary disposable plastic water bottles used up that is thrown, this is a great role in environmental protection.

silicone collapsible water bottle

What are the benefits of outdoor silicone collapsible water bottles?

When you go outdoors or travel, you certainly do not want to carry a large number of things, like glass bottles, stainless steel bottles is very inconvenient, plastic bottles are relatively light some. But if you use the collapsible silicone water bottle, after drinking water directly into a small thickness of the cake, directly in the pocket or backpack is very convenient.

Silicone collapsible water bottle
Silicone collapsible water bottle than the universal plastic bottle, the shape is more unique, special design ergonomic, hold in the hand is very fashionable, but also very in line with the current mainstream aesthetic.

The special nature of the silicone material itself determines that the collapsible water bottle itself can withstand high temperatures, it can accept temperatures from -40℃ to 220℃. In other words, the silicone collapsible water bottle can not only be filled with boiling water, but also with ice water.

So if it is filled with boiling water, will it be hot in your hand?
The answer is no.

First of all, silicone conducts heat slowly and is not easy to transfer heat. The second is that the silicone folding water bottle is designed with an insulating ring, which is not hot.

Silicone collapsible water bottle
Silicone collapsible water bottle is widely loved in the outdoors, the main point is that it is very well sealed, no matter how to run and shake in the outdoors, the water in the bottle will not spill. This is very important for outdoor sports and hiking trips, no one wants the water in the water bottle are leaking out, can not drink a little water but also the backpack wet.

After the water bottle is used, the problem is cleaning. Many people because of the small mouth of the plastic water bottle, the bottle and hard and difficult to clean, because of the silicone material itself is soft and foldable function of the water bottle, you can easily clean the silicone collapsible water bottle inside and out. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the silicone material itself is special and can magically stay dry in a few seconds after cleaning. In addition, as mentioned earlier it can withstand temperatures of 220 degrees Celsius, so it can also be sterilized in steam or boiled in high temperature, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Choose the right water bottle for yourself

Now many outdoor sports enthusiasts are looking for their favorite and suitable for their own water bottle, choose their own suitable and like the water bottle is quite difficult, not only to material safety, but also easy to carry, whether it is plastic, glass or stainless steel, there are food-grade safety materials, but they are not very convenient to carry. On the contrary, foldable silicone water bottles are not only safe materials, but also very convenient to carry. Not only can be folded into a thin piece into pockets and backpacks, but also with a buckle can be fastened to the backpack.
Silicone collapsible water bottle
In addition, the silicone collapsible water bottle can also be customized, you can use screen printing technology, water transfer technology or digital printing technology on the surface of the silicone water bottle printed on their favorite patterns and designs, or their own brand logo. now many traders, supermarkets and e-commerce sellers are customizing their own brand of goods.

It can be seen that the collapsible water bottle has been loved by the majority of outdoor enthusiasts because of its own various advantages.
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