What Is FDA Certification?

Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Administration) referred to as FDA, FDA-certified food contact materials refer to all materials that are used in the process of processing, producing, packaging, storing and transporting food, and that can come into contact with food. Common materials include Various plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, bamboo and wood products, etc. The environmental safety of these materials that can come into contact with food is directly related to the user's dietary safety and health. Therefore, the export of such products to the United States requires relevant FDA certification testing in accordance with FDA certification standards. FDA certified food grade environmentally friendly silicone is made of high-quality silicone, which is processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. It has the characteristics of softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance; it is widely used in various food cake molds, candy cube molds, and can also be used in technical Ceramics, printing, household appliances, lighting products, etc.

What is Silicone FDA Grade?

Because the FDA has strict standards for the types of materials that may come into contact with consumables, the material used to make food-grade silicone must be officially approved by the FDA. All FDA-manufactured products are handled and packaged in a certified cleanroom environment and rigorously tested to meet the needs of the most challenging food processing and beverage applications. These silicone materials are usually:
  1. For food, beverages, meat, milk or any food-compliant chemicals
  2. odorless, tasteless, natural resistance to bacterial growth
  3. Provide reliable service over a wide temperature range
  4. Non-toxic, trace-free and non-allergenic raw materials

Precautions for FDA certification of silica gel

  1. FDA certified food grade environmentally friendly silicone packaging is 25KG/drum, 200KG/drum iron drum packaging, and the color of the drum is mostly blue or white;
  2. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silica gel is classified as non-dangerous goods, but it needs to be sealed and stored in a cool place to avoid rain, sunlight, and expired vulcanization;
  3. The FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silica gel usually has a storage period of half a year. If the viscosity is found to increase during the storage process, its fluidity can be restored under the action of shearing force (stirring). It is recommended that the rubber compound be stirred in a container first, and then mixed with the curing agent. It can still be used after the overdue re-inspection is passed.
  4. FDA certified food-grade environmentally friendly silicone should avoid contact with condensed silicone rubber vulcanizing agent during operation. There are also amines, sulfur- and phosphorus-containing compounds and some metal salts that can cause the rubber to not vulcanize.

Silica gel FDA food contact material testing

Food grade silicone is a specially certified silicone grade, approved for food production and packaging, using silicone to make food grade silicone products, in addition to food, food grade silicone can also be used in liquid and pharmaceutical production.

FDA silicone is commonly used in applications involving the production, packaging, processing, preparation or preservation of food, beverages or consumables to maintain the quality of these products and prevent their contamination from exposure to foreign elements, FDA silicone silicones are not permitted to be harmful Contaminants collect on it.

Food FDA certification process

  1. The FDA certification process for food and materials is as follows:
  2. Consultation---The applicant provides product information pictures or describes the products and materials that need to be applied for FDA through description.
  3. Quotation - According to the information provided by the applicant, the technical engineer will make an evaluation, determine the items to be tested, and make a quotation to the applicant
  4. After the applicant confirms the quotation, fill in the test application form and test samples
  5. Sample Test One—Testing will be conducted in accordance with applicable FDA standards
  6. Provide FDA certification report after the test is completed

For food grade silicone

  1. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silica gel has excellent high temperature resistance, and the temperature can reach 300 degrees to 500 degrees;
  2. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silicone products are food-grade, non-toxic and tasteless, and reach the edible grade;
  3. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silica gel does not shrink and has high precision. It can solve the products that cannot be produced by laminating machines, and fill the gap of large lead-tin alloy technology and speckled precision products. It is currently the most advanced HTV-2 high temperature glue in China. It is also a lead-tin alloy technology product and precision mold. The preferred material for making;
  4. 4. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silicone with high tensile and tear resistance, and many times of mold turning;
  5. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silicone has good fluidity and is easy to perfuse; it can be cured at room temperature or heated, and it is easy to operate;
  6. FDA-certified food-grade environmentally friendly silica gel has a low shrinkage rate, and no low molecules are released during the cross-linking process, so the volume remains unchanged and the shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%.
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