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Wholesale Silicone Teether Supplies, R & D team with 15+ designers & engineers, as wholesale oem baby silicone teether factory, KEAN supports custom silicone teether, product design, size, color and logo or branding.  We provide OEM/ODM service.

Updated version mushroom teething teether to prevent asphyxiation, Kean built in-house labs,persist in quality control and make every product we produce could be traced.

With silicone teethers that soothe and press toys that stimulate learning, littles of all ages will enjoy sensory experiences that hold attention and guide imaginative play.

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  • Baby silicone feeding sets supplier

    Baby Feeding Set Wholesale

    SHENZHEN KEAN SILICONE PRODUCT CO., LTD was established on 8th February 2006 as a manufacturer of silicone products with production, wholesale, sales and service. Communicating health, environmental protection, convenience and fashion is our mission and original intention. With 5 production bases of 2000㎡ and 15+ top engineers and designers, we aim to create core value and the most peace of mind for our customers worldwide.
    Our silicone products cover almost all silicone products in the market, whether high-end or cheap, custom-made or wholesale, you can find the silicone products of your choice at KEAN manufacturers.
    If you are looking for baby silicone tableware, KEAN Silicone has reached a very sophisticated level of craftsmanship and design in silicone products for babies. Our silicone feeding sets include silicone suction bowls, feeding bibs, silicone plates, silicone spoon, silicone fork, silicone sippy cup, silicone snack cup, silicone pacifier and silicone pacifier clip, plus a beautiful complete range of silicone feeding sets, which can be sold wholesale as feeding sets or as gifts, all with custom colours, styles, brand logos and packaging.
    Whether it's a silicone bowl, silicone bib, silicone divider plate or a silicone spoon, snack catcher or fruit feeder pacifier, every design and detail is carefully considered for the health and safety of the baby. All of KEAN's silicone feeding tableware is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is free from BPA, PVC, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. It meets the highest testing standards for food safety and can be supplied with international certificates such as FDA and LFGB. The silicone tableware is available in a range of colourful and cute styles, all of which can be sterilised at 200°C and can be used directly in the dishwasher or microwave, making them safe and hassle-free.
    We have our own international patents and all our silicone products are 100% self-developed. With 32 worldwide famous partners, KEAN silicone manufacturers welcome OEM and ODM and support global wholesale and customization.

  • Custom silicone feeding set for baby supplier

    Silicone Bowl and Plate Manufacturer

    Silicone bowls and silicone plates are essential in silicone weaning sets. When babies learn to eat independently and use training bowls and plates, suction bowls and plates are the first choice for parents. The bowl with suction base can fix the silicone bowl on the table. When the baby is learning to eat by himself, it is not easy to overturn the suction bowl. The silicone bowl can be used to drink soup or mix salad. The nutrition is balanced and makes the baby fall in love with eating. Silicone plate is also silicone tableware that has the same function as silicone suction bowl. Silicone suction plate can also firmly adsorb the plate on the table, so you can eat pasta or fruit. The silicone divider plate also divides the silicone plate into multiple compartments, which can provide the baby with a variety of delicacies and ensure balanced nutrition. Suction plate with lid and suction bowl with lid can protect the suction bowl and suction plate from dust and protect the health of the baby when the silicon bowl and silicon plate are not needed.
    In addition to silicone plates and bowls, silicone sippy cup and silicone snack cup are also baby silicone feeding tableware that have become more and more popular with parents in recent years. You can put your baby's snacks in the snack catcher. The snack cup lid made of liquid silicone is very soft, and the baby can easily grab the snacks without scratching the baby's little hands. The snackeez cup can also be used as a silicon drinking cup, and the two-in-one silicon snack cup is very useful. There is also a snack catcher designed as a snack ball. The round and cute shape is more attractive to the baby. It can soothe the baby's emotions when the baby is crying, and can also attract the baby to fall in love with complementary food. In addition, the collapsible snack cup can be folded into a super small cup, which takes up little space and can be used in the car or taken when traveling.
    Whether it is a silicone bowl, a silicone plate or a silicone snack cup, they are all made of food-grade silicone, free of BPA and other harmful substances, no peculiar smell, in line with the highest international food-grade standards, and can provide FDA and LFGB certificates. Suction bowl with lid, suction plate and silicone sippy cup not only have many colors to choose from, but also other colors and styles can be customized, or screen-printed brand LOGO, KEAN manufacturers support global wholesale, OEM and ODM are welcome.

  • Silicone feeding set manufacturer

    Silicone Bib OEM and ODM

    The role of feeding bibs in the baby's meal should not be underestimated. Silicone bib can keep the baby's clothes clean and tidy. In recent years, waterproof silicone bibs have become more popular in the market. The silicone bib is made of liquid silicone, which is soft and fits the baby's clothes, allowing the baby to eat comfortably. Not only will the bibs not easily absorb soup or saliva like fabric or cotton bibs, but they are also easy to clean. They can be cleaned just by rinsing with clean water and soapy water, so the silicone food waterproof catcher bib has a longer service life. The catching bib can receive the dropped food into the pocket. The catching bib is made of 100% food-grade silica gel, BPA-free and has no peculiar smell. It has passed the highest international food safety standards, so it can be dropped into the feeding bib. Pick up food and eat it with confidence, reducing food waste. In addition, KEAN supplier also has a bib with teether. There is a silicone teether at the bottom of the feeding bib. The whole drool bib is made of cotton, which can not only absorb the baby's saliva, but also grind the baby's teeth and relieve the baby's teething socket. Pain problems, soothe the baby's emotions.
    In addition, silicone spoon and silicone fork are also very important in the baby silicone weaning set. The silicone spoon and silicone fork made of liquid silicone are soft and protect the baby's alveolus and young teeth. KEAN supplier has feeding bottle with spoon, stainless steel spoon , silicone feeding spoon, small silicone spoon and silicone spoon with wooden handle, fully consider the baby's safety in the design of silicone spoon and silicone fork, each silicone spoon and silicone fork are available in a variety of colors and styles And cute.
    Silicone feeding bib, silicon spoon and silicone fork all support global wholesale and customization, OEM and ODM are welcome.

  • Fruit Feeder Pacifier and Silicone Dummy Supplier

    When the baby is crying, the silicone pacifier and silicone pacifier clip can effectively soothe the baby's emotions and solve the mother's troubles. Silicone pacifier is made of liquid silicon, a soft material that protects your baby's sockets and young teeth. The silicon pacifier produced by KEAN supplier is the fruit feeder pacifier. Fruit feeder pacifier can also be said to be fruit mesh teether. Silicone pacifier mesh is designed to feed fruit to babies and add enough vitamins. Compared with other feeding tableware, fruit feeder pacifier is safer and more practical, which can prevent babies from accidentally swallowing fruit. Cause suffocation, and can soothe the baby's emotions. The fruit feeder pacifier is made of 100% food-grade silicone, BPA-free, odorless, safe to use, and easy to clean. The entire silicone pacifier can be disassembled and cleaned, and it can also be steamed and sterilized at a high temperature of 200°C.
    The silicone pacifier clip is also a powerful tool to soothe your baby's emotions. KEAN supplier's fabric dummy clips are made of food-grade silicone, which has passed the highest international food safety standards. At the beginning of the fabric dummy clips is a clip, which can fix the silicone dummy on Dad's clothes to prevent it from being dropped and soiled. Use fruit feeder pacifier at the same time.
    Both Personalized pacifier and custom pacifier clip support global wholesale and customization, OEM and ODM are welcome, feel free to consult.