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The experience of new colleague[2015-05-09]
When I come here, after know all of my colleagues and become familiar with our company, the first thing is to study our products. I need to go to the workshop to learn products knowledge and the produ...
The world so big, why don't go travel?[2015-05-09]
1. “I don’t have the money.” 2. “I don’t speak the language.” 3. “I have never traveled before.” 4. “I am stuck with my job.” 5. “I don’t have anyone to go with.” 6. “I don’t think trav...
My Own Understanding in Kean[2015-04-29]
Come to Kean nearly half a month. I harvested quite a lot in this half a month. A word can describe what impression on me—passion. The first is to get along with colleagues;
Sports water bottles advantage[2015-04-27]
Nowadays why more and more people prefer silicone sports water bottles? Below reason will make you to love to choose them. 1.Light than glass/steel/ceramic and etc, more convenient for outdoor activ...
100% Food Grade BPA Free Silicone foldable Water Bottle[2015-04-27]
100% Food Grade BPA Free Silicone foldable Water Bottle is lightweight, reusable and can be flattened and rolled up for convenient, compact storage. Shenzhen Kean silicone product Co.,Ltd email:info@k...
Set a Good Example in Your Team[2015-04-27]
Everyone could be a good leader in a team if you always set a good example in your team in all sides. But how to prove you will be the one who could be the leader. The points below maybe one of your b...
TSA Approved Liquid Container[2015-04-27]
TSA Approved Liquid Container,liquid travel containers,travel lotion containers. Shenzhen kean silicone product Co.,Ltd email:info@keansilicone.com
How to pack liquids for travel ?[2015-03-24]
I love these little kean silicone travel bottles for packing my shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. They come in several colors, are inexpensive, easy to fill, never leak, and are TSA friendly. The best...
Travel Necessities[2015-03-17]
Have you a trouble to bring a lot of things to be filled with difficulty when travel? Little travelers need a surprising amount of stuff when travelling! Here's a checklist of items that make tra...
7 things you need to know in case the airline loses your luggage[2015-03-17]
There’s a unique kind of relief that floods your body when you see your suitcase slowly rotating toward you on the baggage carousel, coming back like a loyal pet (or a cold sore). Here are the best ...
How to conserve the environment in the wild?[2015-03-16]
Being resourceful at home is important, but it’s even more important to think twice about conservation while in the wild. So every reusable item will do great hel to the wild journey.
Where to Go and What to Do when it is Friday 18:00?[2015-03-12]
Where to Go and What to Do when it is Friday 18:00?If you need to carry the right amount of shampoo and shower gel on Airline, please do remember get some travel sized tubes under TSA standard with le...
Keep it simple[2015-03-06]
· portable stove and collapsible water bottle, · cooking utensils. Leave all of the fancy stuff until later – even a cooler box or fridge is best selected down the track in your camping career, aft...
Why is silicone bottle instead of plastic bottle?[2015-03-03]
Many customers asked me why is silicone bottle instead of plastic bottle when they are looking for a food dressing bottle container. A new safe material ,the flexible ,non-stick surface is easy to cle...
Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding[2014-08-04]
Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding is a thermoset process that mixes a two-component compound together, which is then heat cured in the mold with a platinum catalyst to produce a final part. Liquid ...
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