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silicone toothbrush travel case

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toothbrush travel case

Product categories: Travel accessories
Price:1.96 USD
Material:silicone body
Lead time:3-15 workdays
Certificates:FDA,BPA free
Payment Terms:PayPal,TT,Western Union
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silicone toothbrush travel case

MyFriday silicone toothbrush travel case are food-safe (FDA), and they're 100% BPA-free, Colorful silicone toothbrush travel case keep your toothbrush clean.


Brand MyFriday Size 64*25mm
Colors Violet Red,Clean,Orange,Blue,Bluish green,Charcoal gray material Food grade silicone
safety Made of soft, food safe silicone and 100% BPA-Free, PC-free,cleaning dishwasher-safe and easy to clean Portability silicone Soft body,easy carry, easy clean, travel essentials
Feature Candy cloor,Nice Quadrangle,protect your toothbrush effectively, safe&clean


Keep toothbrush clean

Silicone  toothbrush travel case details                                                          

Silicone  toothbrush travel case Application                                             

Silicone  toothbrush travel case Application for traveling, hiking, camoping use.Great for protecting your toothbrush head, keep it tidy and clean

Silicone  toothbrush travel case advantage                                               

Silicone toothbrush travel case made of nontixic soft food grade silicone, squeezable and safe, no easy deformation,six corlor to chooseViolet Red,Clean,Orange,Blue,Bluish green,Charcoal gray and toothbrush travel case  for cosmetics

Our services:

1.All products pass FDA,LFGB,EN71 and Prop65 test

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          Kean Silicone Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in development and production of injection 

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intervention, using 100% of the USA food grade liquid material.

          Over 7 years of experiences in silicone products industry and outstanding engineering workers we would 

provide our customers with professional designs and development. We are specialized in silicone baby 

accessories, silicone medical appliances, silicone kitchenware. 

 Kean Silicone uses high-precision, high efficiency, automatic liquid silicone rubber injection molding 

process, becoming infant well-known enterprises of silicone rubber products! We always follow: technological 

toothbrush travel case  for cosmetics                                                                                
silicone toothbrush case wholesale


1. What types of products can I put in the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging ?  

Promotional gifts cosmetic packaging is a wide range of fluids from shampoos and conditioners to facial cleaners and sunscreen. Our travel tubes are even made of FDA food-safe silicone so you can put soft food products like peanut butter and yogurt in them. While our travel tubes are designed for a range of fluids and soft products, it is still possible that you can find an incompatible fluid. This is why we recommend running a trial on all new products -- try only a small amount of the new product overnight in a safe environment where a possible reaction or leak won't damage anything. 


2. Why the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging incompatible with some fluids?           

While liquid silicone is one of the most impervious materials in common commercial use today, reactions can still occur (no material is completely impervious). The incompatibility often relates to silicone's porous nature (some fluids can seep or evaporate through the pores of the silicone) or a combination of chemicals that causes the silicone to expand. Unfortunately, we can't tell you specific chemicals or ingredients to avoid because it can be a combination of them that causes leaking and reactions.


3.I only want to dispense a little fluid I put in promotional gifts cosmetic packaging, but a lot comes out. What can I do?

Our travel tube has been designed to work with a wide range of fluids -- from soft food products to thin liquid soaps. This means that the valve has been designed to dispense a wide range of viscosities. We find that the best way to get a small amount of a thin fluid is to squeeze the tube quickly -- the longer the squeeze, the longer the valve is open and thus the more fluid that is dispensed

4. What are the care and cleaning instructions for the promotional gifts cosmetic packaging  ?

The promotional gifts cosmetic packaging and collar are dishwasher safe (top rack only). The flip cap can be hand-washed in warm, soapy water

【 Features 】

1, The use of environmentally friendly liquid silicone, avirulent insipidity. 2, Small, soft, portable, easy to clean, health and safety, can be used multiple times. 3, KEAN patent products. 

【 Detail Display 】

The toothbrush case protection from the bristles are contaminated by other items, suitable for all toothbrushes. Toothbrush case is very easy to use, it will be retrieved from the packaging, carrying the toothbrush case set on your journey.

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