Cleaning and Maintaining Baby Silicone Teether

The teething phase can be painful for both baby and parent. Teething can lead to itchy, sore gums and even eating irregularly. This is the time when parents will choose teething sensory toys to ease their baby's teething discomfort by giving them relief from teething.

baby silicone teether

Table of Contents

  1. What is a teething sensory toy?
  2. What types of silicone teether?
  3. Can you microwave silicone teether?
  4. How long to boil siliconeteether to sterilize?
  5. Can you put teethers in sterilizer?
  6. When do babies need teethers
  7. Final words

What is a teething sensory toy?

Teething sensory toys are mainly for babies for teething. When a baby is teething, the gums become swollen and itchy with discomfort, and the baby will want to bite things. At this time, using teething sensory toys for babies can help massage their gums, relieve discomfort and soothe them. Teething sensory toys are available in a variety of materials, such as edible cookies, wood and silicone.

Silicone teether is the recommended one.

food-grade silicone teether is bpa free and safe for baby

Silicone teether made of food-grade silicone material, does not contain harmful substances such as BPA (BPA is a harmful chemical that has been proven to cause premature sexual maturity in babies), no odor, safe for babies.

What types of silicone teether?

Silicone teether has a variety of shapes and styles. There are ice cream teether, teething blocks, teething mitten, bulk teether toy, toothbrush teether and water-filled teether. Rich colors, cute shapes, exercise baby's concentration.

ice cream silicone teether

Can you microwave silicone teether?

The normal temperature of silicone teether in the manufacturing process is 180-200 degrees Celsius, and its conventional temperature resistance is between 220-240 degrees Celsius, so it is not a problem to enter the microwave oven.

Because the material of silicone is mainly high temperature resistance and safety stability, it is not the same process with plastic, as well as processing raw materials are completely different, which also makes it has a unique functionality and a wide range of applications.

How long to boil silicone teether to sterilize?

Silicone teether needs to be disinfected regularly, otherwise the saliva on it will breed bacteria and affect your baby's health.

Different teether has different disinfection methods, the specific method depends on the instructions of silicone products, silicone teether is advocated to use high temperature boiling water to disinfect. When disinfecting by scalding with boiling water or steaming with steam, be careful not to take too long, five minutes or so.

how long to boil silicone to sterilize

And how often is it better to disinfect silicone teether?

During the baby's teething period, the baby will use the teething stick every day, for health and hygiene, usually need to be disinfected every day. If the baby uses the teething stick more frequently, it is recommended to disinfect it every half day.

Can you put teethers in sterilizer?

Silicone teether can be chilled separately in the refrigerator. Chill in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes before you take it to your baby to chew on. The coolness of the chilled silicone teether can accelerate the relief of redness and discomfort of your baby's gums.

In addition, putting silicone teether in the freezer is also a method of sterilization, which can also have a disinfecting effect and is very suitable for summer. Freeze the teether until it is cold, the baby likes to bite more, relieves swollen gums more effectively, and also helps to cool the baby. However, be careful not to freeze it too cold to avoid frostbite on the baby's teeth.

When do babies need teethers?

Babies can use teether after 4 months of age and can use it until they are about 2 years old. Most babies get their teeth after 4 months of age, so this is the best time to use them. Of course, if your baby is late in teething, you can delay the use of the teether.

Final words

Teethers are essential for relieving your baby's teething pain, and there are many types, including silicone teether which is safe, odorless and durable, and can be sterilized and frozen.

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