Silicone Baby Products: A Guide to Understanding

Silicone baby products are increasingly becoming the choice of many mothers, is made of food-grade silicone material, food-grade silicone is a safe, durable and flexible material after rigorous testing and certification, the safety of the baby is guaranteed.

silicone baby products

What are the silicone baby products included?

Baby silicone products are made of soft material, comfortable to the touch, often designed into a variety of cartoon shapes with characteristics, beautiful appearance, a wide variety of shapes and colors, which can exercise the baby's concentration.

At present, the silicone baby products in the global market mainly include silicone pacifier clip, baby silicone spoon fork, silicone drinking cup, baby silicone bowl, suction plate for baby, silicone baby bib, silicone baby teether, silicone toys and so on.

silicone baby products

Baby silicone tableware is made of food-grade silicone through molding, safe, non-toxic and tasteless, good chemical stability, can withstand high temperature of 240 ℃ without deformation, -40 ℃ will not produce hardening phenomenon. Can be put into microwave heating and dishwasher cleaning, hot water disinfection, after high temperature steaming, will not produce harmful substances. In short, it has the characteristics of easy to clean, fall resistance, good hand feeling, long service life, etc.

How to customized silicone baby products?

Many Chinese silicone manufacturers can customize silicone baby products. Before customizing the silicone baby products, a 3D drawing will be made and then the silicone molds will be customized according to the 3D drawing. When the mold is made, it will enter the production process. After the silicone baby products are produced, the design or logo will be printed on the surface of the product.

custom silicone baby products bib manufacturer

So how to print on silicone? There are various surface treatment processes, such as digital printing, screen printing, water transfer printing, etc.

Silicone vs Rubber

Silicone is an amorphous substance, chemically stable, non-toxic and non-hazardous, does not have allergic reactions, and does not melt easily in high temperature environments. It is mostly used for food grade or medical grade products. For example, rhinoplasty and breast implants are made of silicone, which is not easily deformed, and the silicone baby products that have been widely recognized in recent years are also made of silicone.

Silicone vs Rubber

Natural rubber is mainly derived from the latex produced by the rubber tree and processed into synthetic rubber, and the most important feature of rubber is its plasticity and high elasticity. In the environment of room temperature, it can change the state of the object. Rubber is mainly used in, for example, our life rain shoes, warm water bags, elastic bands, etc. are rubber, as well as the usual everywhere car tires are made of rubber, because rubber has plasticity and good elasticity, after the deformation of tires, can be quickly recovered, and wear resistance, but also to reduce the vibration when running.

Does silicone have latex?

Silicone is polysiloxane and does not contain latex.

The quality of silicone is much better than that of latex, which is easily deformed, while silicone is not easily deformed and is very durable. Silicone is also less prone to allergic reactions when it comes in contact with the skin.

Can you melt silicone?

Silicone does not melt at high or low temperatures and does not release toxic substances, it can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees and down to 40 degrees. If you ask what temp does silicone melt, then it takes thousands of degrees to completely melt an already cured silicone product.

The high temperature resistant silicone determines that silicone baby products can be sterilized at high temperatures to completely destroy bacteria, and can also be heated in ovens and microwaves.

Final words

KEAN Silicone is one of the largest silicone manufacturers in China, producing silicone baby products, outdoor silicone products and silicone household products. We have more than 12 years of experience in OEM ODM customization service, cooperating with more than 20 big brands around the world, with professional team and service, providing a full set of customization solutions.

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