The Mom and Trader's Guide: Choosing a Silicone Teether

Babies grow to about 6 months, they begin to sprout milk teeth, and it is easy to find that babies at this stage love to chew, whether it is biting things or biting their own little hands. In fact, this is because the baby's gums are itchy and even swollen during the teething stage, and they need to massage their gums by chewing on things to relieve their discomfort and pain, which is the nature of every small child.

Many mothers will be very distressed, on the one hand, the baby nibbled on the collar full of saliva, not only residual saliva leads to bacterial growth, over time the collar piece is easy to black mold, but also affect the aesthetics. On the other hand, babies chew their little hands, often leading to little fingers are bitten red, fingers broken skin and even bleeding. In order to solve this problem, mothers often use silicone teething toys for babies.

So are silicone teething toys safe for babies? What issues need to be noted when purchasing silicone teether for babies?

Let's start with the question of whether silicone teether is safe.

  1. Silicone teether is made of 100% food-grade platinum silicone material, equivalent to the material of the baby pacifier, does not contain BPA and other ingredients harmful to the development of the baby, the material is safe for babies.
  2. FDA certified and LFGB certified baby silicone teething toys are safe for babies, because the FDA certified the material safety of silicone teether, LFGB certified teether toys do not have the risk of getting stuck in the baby's throat.
  3. Silicone teether many is a one-piece molding process, no fragmented parts, is also safe for the baby.
  4. The special nature of the silicone material itself determines that the baby silicone teether can be sterilized in high temperature, withstand high temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius, so silicone teether can be sterilized in steam, boiled in high temperature, without giving the opportunity for bacteria to grow, so it is safe for the baby again.

Through the above 4 points of elaboration, we have basically determined that silicone teether is safe for babies.

So, as a mother or a trader of baby products, what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing baby silicone teether toys?

In fact, from the above 4 points, there has basically been a signal to choose the kind of FDA and LFGB certified food-grade silicone material of the one-piece silicone teether.

So what are the benefits of silicone teething toys for babies?

  1. Silicone teether material is soft, touch is very much like human skin, comfortably massage the baby's gums.
  2. Silicone teether can be sterilized not only in high temperature, but also in the refrigerator. The purpose of high-temperature disinfection is to thoroughly clean baby silicone teether, so what is the role of refrigeration? We all know that cold compresses can effectively relieve pain, so after the refrigerated silicone teether, it can be very effective to baby's painful gums play an analgesic role.
  3. Baby silicone teether has a lot of cute shapes that can attract the baby's attention, 3D three-dimensional silicone teether can also develop the baby's sense of space and fine motor skills.
  4. Silicone teether toys are not large, very portable, whether at home, travel or outdoor, are very convenient to store and carry.
  5. Baby silicone teether durable, can be recycled for a long time, long life.

What types of silicone teether are there?

manhattan silicone teething toy fake TV remote control silicone teether toy

Silicone Teether Toys

Silicone teether toys have a variety of shapes, not only to exercise the baby's attention and concentration, as well as three-dimensional spatial thinking, but also to exercise the baby's hand fine motor skills, such as finger grip, which is a good help to the baby's hand-brain coordination.

water-filled silicone teether

Silicone Water-Filled Teether

Silicone water-filled teether is the choice of many mothers. There is a water-filled port at the bottom of the silicone teether, which can be replaced with clean water at any time. Because of the bite resistance and toughness of the silicone material itself, there is no possibility of the baby biting through it. The role of the silicone teether filled with water is mainly to make the silicone teether more soft, fit the baby's gums deep massage, but also can be put in the refrigerator, refrigerated water-filled teether to relieve the baby's gum pain during teething more effective.
mitten silicone teether

Silicone Mitten Teether

Silicone boxing gloves and glove teether are mainly designed for babies' natural tendency to grasp within one year of age. Fist glove teether can be very good for baby to grasp in the hand, to avoid the problem of baby eating hands. The silicone glove teether is made of cotton fabric, cotton glove end with silicone teether, can be worn on the baby's hands and teething, mainly to avoid the teether falling from the hands, cotton material is also very safe for the baby's skin, not only fit comfortably, but also absorb sweat and breathable.

Silicone rattle teether

Silicone Rattle Teether

Silicone rattle teether in the baby shaking, can give the transmission of the rustling sound, not only to calm the baby's emotions, but also to exercise the baby's attention.

soft teethbrush teethersilicone toothbrush

Silicone Toothbrush Teether

Silicone toothbrush teether is designed on the basis of the teether silicone soft hair, in the baby gnawing silicone teether, the soft hair can be deep cleaning baby teeth and play a massage role, this is suitable for growing teeth but not yet independent brushing baby.

silicone bracelet teether

Silicone Bracelets Teether

Silicone bracelets teether is a one-piece molding, there is no risk of choking. It can be worn on the baby's hand or held in the hand to chew. Silicone bracelets come with cute accessories, such as elephants, rainbows and the moon, to enrich babies' imagination.

Will silicone teether fall apart?

As mentioned earlier, silicone teether that has been tested by the LFGB is safe for babies. To stand up to LFGB testing, silicone teether has to stand up to strong testing. In the design of silicone teether, the engineers and design team will focus on the LFGB requirements from the first draft to the design to the mold opening to the production, down to the decimal point of each data. All produced silicone teether products will undergo double, triple and quadruple high strength testing, you know, the baby's strength is limited, after the machine strength test and certified safe silicone teether, the baby's hands are completely impossible to tear the silicone teether frame.

However, it is worth mentioning that both mothers and traders should look for certified and qualified sellers and manufacturers to buy baby silicone teether.

In short, silicone teether is safe and useful for babies, both in terms of material and design. There is a wide range of silicone teether, and buying the right one for your baby will require moms to make a choice based on your baby's needs. If you are a trader purchasing, silicone teether types are abundant and varied, so you have more room to choose than wooden silicone teether and edible cookie teether, and more profit margin, and importantly, you can also customize your own design.
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