Why Choose Silicone Feeding Set?

Choosing the right tableware for the baby is a concern of mothers, especially many novice mothers are willing to spend a lot of time on research. In fact, this is also a common concern of manufacturers and traders.

baby silicone feeding set
Everyone has a common goal, which is to give the baby a safe and practical tableware.

When we look at the market, we will find that baby tableware is dazzling, and there are many kinds of materials alone, such as wood, plastic, silicone and glass.

Many mothers will choose plastic tableware for their babies, because plastic tableware is very common in life, adults and children use it, the price is cheap, and it is also resistant to falling. It is true that plastic is a good material for tableware, but the material of plastic tableware is actually not suitable for baby tableware, because it is relatively hard, which is not very friendly to babies with long teeth, especially plastic spoons and forks, babies often like to use them as toys to explore in their mouths, and the hard material will not only hurt the baby's gums, but may even hurt the baby's throat.

How about the material of wood? Wooden feeding bowls compared to plastic bowls will be more environmentally friendly, but its special material leads to heavier tableware, suitable as baby feeding tableware, but not suitable for babies to eat on their own, and many mothers on Reddit complained that wooden tableware is not easy to dry after cleaning, use for a long time also easy to residual taste.

Glass tableware is even more unsafe for babies.

What about silicone tableware?

In fact, silicone tableware has gradually become the mainstream choice of mothers, and it is also the tableware that many traders are looking for.

Baby silicone tableware safety

FDA LFGB approved silicone tableware

Baby silicone tableware is made of 100% food grade platinum silicone material. After hearing this, you may be unfamiliar with the concept of platinum silicone, but if, for a change, let me tell you that baby silicone tableware is made from the same material used to make baby pacifiers, you may understand the safety and reliability of silicone tableware. But are all silicone tableware on the market made of food-grade platinum silicone? This is not necessarily the case. It is worth mentioning that there are professional and authoritative certifications for baby silicone tableware, namely FDA and LFGB certification. If you don't know how to identify safe baby silicone tableware, you can check whether the manufacturer's silicone products are FDA and LFGB certified.

Durable baby silicone feeding set

I believe that a silicone tableware can be used for many years, which cannot be replaced by other tableware.

Multifunctional silicone feeding utensils

The silicone feeding bowl and feeding plate with suction cups on the bottom can be strongly attached to the baby's high chair, which provides a good opportunity for the baby to train self-feeding. It is a headache for many mothers that the baby makes a mess of food when eating, and it is very difficult to clean. With the silicone bowls and plates securely attached to the high chair and dining table, never worry about your baby knocking over food again.

suction feeding bowl for baby
The design of the silicone spoon and fork conforms to ergonomics, and the baby's small hands can easily grasp it. More importantly, it meets the LFGB standard, and there is no risk of throat jam and choking for the baby.

Cute silicone tableware

We all know that a happy mood when eating will not only make eating more enjoyable, but also help digestion and absorption in the intestines. Babies are naturally curious and are easily attracted by cute and unusual shapes. If the tableware is in the shape that the baby likes, the baby will be more focused on eating, and the baby's ability to concentrate on eating is also the scene that many mothers want to see most.

custom silicone feeding set

Silicone tableware will go through many processes from design to production. Designers are required to draw the first draft, then use professional tools to draw the 3D model, and then open the mold. After the mold is opened, it will be produced with a liquid injection molding machine. In this process, designers can design wonderful shapes to satisfy the curiosity of many babies. Customized baby silicone tableware is the choice of many baby product traders.

Silicone tableware is easy to clean

Baby silicone utensils are easy to clean, can be rinsed directly with clean water, or can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Silicone tableware can be sterilized at high temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius. Many mothers sterilize baby's silicone tableware by steaming, boiling, etc. Once the silicone tableware has been used for a long time, in case of odor, it only needs to be baked in the oven to completely remove the odor from the silicone tableware. What's more worth mentioning is that silicone tableware has magical magic and can stay dry within seconds after cleaning.

clean silicone feeding set

Baby silicone tableware is an ideal gift

Whether it is a baby shower or a birthday party, or a major festival such as Christmas and Easter, choosing gifts is a headache for many people. If the other party has a baby or a new parent at home, choosing a silicone feeding set is a great gift. The silicone feeding set gift box includes almost all the tableware needed for baby feeding, including silicone feeding bowls, silicone divider plates, silicone bibs, silicone forks and spoons, etc. The gift box is exquisite and the tableware has a variety of shapes.

gift set silicone feeding set
Silicone tableware has become the choice of many mothers and traders. It is not only safe and durable, but also easy to clean. It has various shapes and can be customized for gift boxes.

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